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Heritage with character!

Flower of French gastronomy and internationally renowned, Roquefort is still just as present on this Grands Causses territory!
This cheese of character is still matured in the village that gave it its name, Roquefort sur Soulzon!

A breath of fresh air

with a little cheese!

Roucangel rock

Trail emblem: Hivernale des Templiers

The peduncular rock is located on the western slope of the Larzac to dominate the Cernon valley. it seems to thwart the laws of gravity. This natural curiosity can be discovered from the hamlet of Monclarat.
Attention unmarked itinerary.

From Roquefort to Sylvanès

Les Rougiers

Coming from Roquefort , and before the flamboyant entrance to the Rougiers, Saint-Affrique (yes, there are 2 F’s) invites you to stop for a pedestrian stroll in the old town center, between quays of the Sorgues and Pont vieux, in the alleys of the Saturday morning market or for a coffee break on the terrace in the little town.

From here, 2 options are open to you:

  • A detour to the Château de Montaigut for a family visit, the view over the Rougier is admirable.
  • Or lean towards the village tour option, with a stop at Camarès, on the road to Sylvanès.

The colors of the Rougier, the whole palette of oranges and reds, from salmon pink to brick red, spread out in gradations on the sandstone facades… Stroll through the village along the historic tour route: the Noria, the 11th-century Old Bridge, Notre Dame du Camarès , the old château, home to a rose garden…