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Getting to Millau

To each his own mode of transport

How do I get to Millau? By car, train or bus! All you have to do is choose…

Come by car,

A guarantee of autonomy and freedom...

The private car is still the best way to get around our rural destinations… provided you’re not afraid of the narrow, winding, admittedly, but picturesque roads.

Coming from north or south, the autoroute A75 represents the most practical route: completely free except when crossing the Viaduct, bordered by magnificent landscapes (the Larzac plateau to the south, the Millevaches plateau to the north), the Méridienne puts Clermont-Ferrand 2 hours 30 from Millau, Paris 6 hours, Montpellier and Béziers less than 1 hour 30.

For Toulouse and Albi, you can choose between two routes: via Baraqueville or via St-Sernin. Allow 2 hours 30 travel time for Toulouse, 1h30 for Albi.

Travelling by train or bus

If you prefer train or bus, here are the routes departing from Millau or stopping there:
  • Line 234

    Montpellier – Millau – St-Affrique: direct line with a single stop at La Cavalerie between Millau and Montpellier

  • Line 681

    : serves towns and villages on the route

  • Line 202

  • Line 280

    Montpellier – Millau – Mende: from Mende, + line 283 – to Clermont-Ferrand / or take the train to Villefort, to reach the start of the GR 736.

  • Line 214

    Millau – Rodez

  • Line 720

    Millau – Albi (train line to Toulouse)

  • Line 217

    Millau – Nant – St-Jean du Bruel

  • Line 215

    Millau – Meyrueis

  • Train

    Béziers – St Chély d’Apcher line

Coming by public transport

Whatever your departure station, find your train at https://www.sncf-connect.com/.

Note that the nearest TGV station to Millau is in Montpellier.

The tip: Arriving at Montpellier’s St-Roch station? Take the liO bus to Millau instead of the train. They’re frequent and economical. But be careful! Depending on the timetable, the departure point changes: some buses leave from the station in the city center, others from La Mosson, a 45-minute streetcar ride (line 1) from the SNCF station.

In Occitanie, reduce your carbon footprint and make savings by using the public transport network supported by the Region to boost alternative mobility.
To find the train and bus lines that serve our 13 South-West departments, there’s just one name and one site to remember: liO and https://www.lio-occitanie.fr/

Enter the name of the line or station on the search engine or consult the timetables to take advantage of liO’s unbeatable transport fares: €1 for trains and €2 on buses! Who could do better?

Good to know: to quickly visualize the communes served, use the network maps by department. Then organize your journeys using the timetables. See Aveyron.

Good to know: Animals are not allowed on liO buses, except leashed guide dogs and assistants for disabled persons, or small pets transported in closed baskets or cages.

Pushchairs and folded bicycles must be placed in the hold by passengers within the limits of available space. Unfolded bicycles will be admitted only if space permits and if the vehicle has the possibility of stopping on specific facilities in order to carry out loading in complete safety.

All the answers to your questions about travelling conditions on liO buses on Network access regulations.

Think Carpooling!

Shared, collaborative, carpooling represents an economical mode of transport including during the vacations! Several car-sharing areas have been set up around Millau, including some at bus stops, for a car-sharing + bus mix.

  • Aire de St Germain
  • Aire de La Cavalerie
  • Aire de la Gamasse à Aguessac
  • Aire de L’Aubigue à Mostuejouls

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