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Water trekking and canyoning

Slide, jump and have fun!

Our rivers, with their wild, authentic landscapes, are ideal for canyoning and water trekking. To get the most out of them, and because you’ll be working in a fragile environment, take advice from our enthusiastic local guides, who will help you make the most of your discoveries.

LA Rando Aqua

What is it?

Water trekking is the ideal introduction to canyoning. Accessible to families, aquatic rando differs from canyon descent in its more playful and less physical attractions. Unlike canyoning, there are no major vertical obstacles to overcome. So aqua trekking doesn’t require the use of rope techniques, borrowed from climbing and caving like abseiling or zip-lining…

However, aqua trekking like canyoning requires very specific skills and knowledge of the environment! The dangers associated with water or falls are real. If you’re not trained or properly equipped, have a qualified guide-monitor accompany you, to guarantee your enjoyment as well as your safety.



In Sport mode

Thrills and contact with nature… That’s what canyoning is all about.
Halfway between climbing, hiking, whitewater swimming and abseiling… Set off on an adventure through itineraries full of waterfalls, jumps, slides, zip lines… in breathtaking surroundings! However, you’ll need to be in good physical condition to get the most out of it.

Canyon descents

near Millau

If there aren’t many of them, and not all close to Millau, the canyon descents are well worth a detour.

The Pas de Soucy in the Gorges du Tarn, the Tayrac or au Mourier in the Gorges de la hautes Dourbie, the Tapoul or the Bramabiau at the foot of Mont Aigoual, all these sites are packed with fun obstacles mixing the attractions of water with those of rock!
Swim, slide, swim and let yourself be carried along by the current…. Here’s a refreshing way to discover the region’s magnificent canyons.
Get in the water and explore some magical places!


Good to know: Our small roads full of charm… and curves require a little patience and a certain amount of time to reach the practice sites ( more or less an hour from Millau for 50 to 60 kms ) Anticipate your travels well to optimize the organization of your day.