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Enjoy Millau

With his dog

It’s time for the vacations! This year, it’s decided, you’re going to make the most of the vacations with the whole family! But only on one condition: that your four-legged friend has as good a vacation as you! More and more of you are traveling with your dog. Normal, toutou is part of the family!

Our region has everything to make your vacations enjoyable: unspoilt nature, a town on a human scale, entertainment for all styles, an art of living and good living… Would you like to go on vacation with your dog? But will he be tolerated, admitted or truly accepted? What activities will you be able to share with him? Will you find everything you need for your 4-legged companion?

We’re asking ourselves these questions too… and we intend to answer them quickly so that Millau, the Grands Causses, the Gorges du Tarn, Aveyron are YOUR “Dog Friendly”favorite destination for family vacations, with your dog.

Before arriving

Dogs welcome

Before breaking out the swimsuits, choose the accommodation where your companion will be treated like a member of the family, with every comfort for you and him. Whether it’s a gite with an enclosed garden, a hotel just a stone’s throw from the parks, a chambre d’hôte in the heart of nature… Whether your dog is the type to love everyone or needs his peace and quiet, we’ve selected all the possible formulas for you.

Smart tip!

If your four-legged friend is the type to love only you, remember to ask your landlord if other animals are present! Cats wandering around, chickens at the bottom of the garden, the hosts’ own dog… Or how to turn a week of relaxation into constant vigilance!

What to do in Millau with your dog

Top rides

to do with your dog

Le Cade, in the continuation of the Pouncho d’Agast, is dear to the hearts of Millavois. It has to be said that, just a few kilometers from Millau, this easy stroll has everything to please. Like a “little house on the prairie”, the magnificent Ferme du Cade is surprisingly beautiful, in its caussenard style and bucolic setting. Crossing the black pine forests of the Causse Noir is anything but gloomy, quite the contrary, especially enhanced by carpets of bearberry and other flowers with an exceptional palette of shapes and colors. Passing along the Corniches de la Dourbie offers a series of captivating panoramas of both the Dourbie valley floor and Larzac, opposite, or the outskirts of Millau. The Fontaine del Salze (Willow Fountain) is still flowing, even if its many stone “troughs” are struggling to fill up. And don’t forget to look up to appreciate the vultures and paragliders…


In practice
The little plus!

Spectacular views of the Gorges de la Dourbie and the majestic Rocher du Boffi.

Getting from Le Truel to Saint-Pierre des Tripiers is already an adventure, as the tortuous, vertiginous road plunges you into the fabulous world of the Gorges and Grands Causses in just a few meters. At the summit, another world opens up: that of the imaginary created and sculpted by nature… Giant surreal arches, imposing rock shelters, grottoes and cave tunnels, a bent limestone monolith at the heart of a natural circular enclosure, a colossal Poule de Houdan… Man has also had a hand in this extravagant landscape: the remains of a resin-making village, a burial cave where trepanning operations were carried out some 4500 years ago, the development of balms for flocks… Be curious and observe all the subtleties of rock and landscape that give this site an incredible dreamlike, natural inspiration.

In practice
  • Ride duration

    2h15 loop – yellow markers
    5.3 km

  • Path frequentation

    Little frequented out of season, but much more so when the weather’s fine, but depending on the time of day, there’s always a chance to be left alone!

  • Possibility of letting your dog go

    Yes, this ride is ideal for your 4-legged friend.
    However, keep the leash with you!

The little plus!

An ancient resin-growing village to discover on the walk. The one dating back to Gallo-Roman times. The path is well shaded, some passages are steep.
Good walking 😊

The cradle of Millau

The path to the oppidum de la Granède is akin to stepping back in time. On this archaeological site, Gallo-Roman, Paleo-Christian and three lines of walls (Bronze Age to Late Roman) have been unearthed. The route follows the northern edge of the Larzac, offering exceptional panoramic views over the Millavois basin.

In practice
The little plus!

The breathtaking view of Millau, the Causse Noir, the Millau Viaduct and the Dourbie Gorges! A breathtaking view you’re sure to remember 😊

More info

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Here’s some additional information to ensure your stay with your 4-legged companion is 100% fun and...