Festival Templiers 2023 22 Shootin Factory Greg AlricFestival Templiers 2023 22 Shootin Factory Greg Alric
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Millau Trail Land

Causses and valleys within easy reach

From Millau, access the nearest trails. All year round, from Sunday runners to regular runners, choose your trail!


Trail is a recent running sport. Occasional runners and experienced runners share the same passion, running in the great outdoors with a sense of space and freedom.

The trailer runs on trails, roads, paths, monotraces that go up, down… Never a dull moment! He respects and discovers a natural environment, magnificent landscapes. Sometimes he may even spot wild boar, vultures or other wild animals in the distance…

The origins of trail running in Millau

The Festival des Templiers has been a must-attend event for trail enthusiasts since 1995. Every year for the past 23 years, they gather for 4 days in autumn, with a bevy of races on the program, from the kids’ race to the Endurance Trail, a 101 km ultra!

Grands Causses Espace Trail

37 Trail routes

Grands Causses Espace Trail has been offering 37 permanent marked trail routes since April 2013, representing 700 kilometers of trails and paths entirely free of charge and accessible all year round. The circuits are classified by difficulty with a specific color, green, blue, red or black as well as an estimated time according to level.

A choice of 9 to 120 km: survey the majestic and oxygenating setting of the Grands Causses, run at your own pace, explore the region on the mythical land of the Templiers, discovering the Black and Red Causses or the famous Larzac before plunging back into the Jonte, Dourbie or Tarn Gorges.

Trail itinerary: Route N°23

A 120 km itinerary with 4280 m of positive elevation gain, for an ultra-trail adventure over 1, 2, 3 or 4 days.

Take up the challenge: Chrono Pouncho

2.6 km vertical ascent, from Millau (Confluence traffic circle) to the summit of the mythical Pouncho. The Chrono Pouncho challenge takes place every year in November, for individuals, clubs and companies.

Relive Chrono pouncho
Relive Chrono pouncho
Relive Chrono pouncho


Succession is assured

Such is the enthusiasm for the activity in Millau that France’s first Trail School for children aged 6 to 18 was launched in September 2018: introducing youngsters to trail running and respecting the natural environment.

For older runners, numerous clubs offer courses and outings for all levels.

Trail De La Cite De Pierres Grands Evenements Gregalric 09581 4 MinTrail De La Cite De Pierres Grands Evenements Gregalric 09581 4 Min
©Trail De La Cite De Pierres Grands Evenements Gregalric 09581 4 Min

Environmental protection, surpassing one’s limits and mutual aid are characteristics of Trail Running that are a real plus for young people.

Even the last in a race is ahead of those who don’t run.

Quentin Raïssac, winner of the 2018 Verticausse.
Prepare your Trail season



Trail 3 des Châteaux

Trail de la Cité de Pierres


Tarn Valley Trail




Migoual Concept Race


Fest'Trail Causses & Rougier

Eiffage race on the Millau Viaduct in Aveyron

100 km from Millau


Cade's 10 green terminals

Festival des Templiers


Festival des Hospitaliers


Templar winter event

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