Paragliding Flight in front of Millau Viaduct Activites Nature 2 Millau @alexevil12Paragliding Flight in front of Millau Viaduct Activites Nature 2 Millau @alexevil12
©Paragliding Flight in front of Millau Viaduct Activites Nature 2 Millau @alexevil12|Alexandre Humbert


Free Flight Paradise

Millau has found its place in the world of hang gliding as well as paragliding. Fly over Millau with its Viaduct in the background and discover the Grands Causses from the air – that’s your program.

Discover Millau

paragliding or hang-gliding

Comfortably installed in your harness or harness, enjoy the landscapes of the Grands Causses. Feel the wind whistling in your ears and let yourself be carried along for a discovery flight, a tandem tandem flight, in contemplative mode above Millau.

And who knows? Experience a unique encounter: share your flight with the vultures!


A formula

for every taste

Morning flight for children or the more anxious, classic discovery flight in the afternoon or at sunset, duration flight and acrobatic flight, a wide choice offered by passionate instructors.

Don’t risk dropping your mobile while trying to take a selfie, your instructor takes photos and video and immortalizes this magical moment!

Unless you’re already ready to learn to “fly with your own wings” and take aintroductory course, Millau’s paragliding schools are there for you!

Unmissable spots

Easy to reach by car or shuttle (about 20 minutes), the take-off sites of La Pouncho d’Agast or Brunas are above all extraordinary spots: panoramic views over the Viaduc de Millau and the heights of the town of Millau.

Accessible easily… and to everyone, tandem paragliding is also available for people with reduced mobility: Hand’Icare, an adapted chair, specially trained professionals, happiness finally within everyone’s reach!

paragliding or hang-gliding

Preparing for your first flight

You’re about to embark on an aerial activity subject to the whims of Eoles (master regent of the winds in Greek mythology). We’ve put together this FAQ to help you prepare.

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