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Canoeing in Millau and the gorges

Canoeing down the river

What a pleasure it is to let yourself be carried along on a sunny day!
Do you fancy trying your hand at canoeing in the Gorges du Tarn between Aveyron and Lozère, or in the discreet Gorges de la Dourbie?
Canoeing, paddling, kayaking, tubing … Take a leisurely trip down our rivers, enjoy the rapids and observe nature!

Millau... refreshing

Reaching unexpected places

One of the many activities to be enjoyed on the territory, and certainly the most famous: canoeing!”

From a few hours to a few days, come and enjoy these wonderful landscapes!

Between Aveyron and Lozère, on the river Tarn, from Sainte-Enimie to Comprégnac, passing through Le Rozier and Millau or on the river Dourbie from Roque-Sainte-Marguerite, the river reveals its charms and its small inaccessible beaches for a swim break or to perfect your tan.

Gauging your level of practice

Several routes are offered along these class 1 to 3 waterways: from a short, leisurely stretch for families, to a sportier descent for more fun, or a 2-3 day hike/bivouac. For the little ones (under 5) and all those who can’t swim, paddling is also possible at Vignes, Rozier, Millau or Saint-Rome plage.

Between rapids, for half an hour or 1 hour, rent a boat to practice! Canoe rental companies offer a range of packages and rental rates, so you can sail with the right equipment.

Canoeing around Millau

Taking a canoe trip is all about the pleasure of taking your time, discovering magical places, eating ice cream on arrival, but above all it’s about having fun and coming back with funny memories. Sometimes quiet and deep, sometimes wild in the rapids, our emerald-colored rivers leave you with wonderful memories!
Observe the nature that surrounds you, and watch for the tracks left by beavers. The best way to take your time is to take your own boat from the public landing stages. Light boats are not recommended, as pebbles and rocks that are not always visible make navigation perilous.

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