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Markets in Aveyron

Find the flavours of your vacation at local markets.

Whether you’re looking for a weekly market or a traditional one, a farmers’ market or a night market, you’re sure to find something to delight your taste buds in Aveyron.

Local produce on our shelves

In Aveyron, a rural department with a wide range of agricultural activities, visitors have high expectations when it comes to local produce and quality gastronomy. On our markets, the “local” often expresses itself on a departmental scale, inviting you on a voyage of discovery – a journey from north to south – mixing authenticity with surprise, tradition with modernity.


Summer’s festive night markets

On summer evenings, markets multiply and take on a more festive look! Make way for atmosphere, music and gourmet delights: local artisans showcase their skills and nearby farm producers invite you to sample local specialities: having trouble deciding between farçous or aligot, truffade or grillades, ewe’s milk ice cream and flaune?

And to go to the market during the week…
At Millau, the market invites itself to the heart of town twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday mornings, all year round. From local flavors to those from elsewhere, you’ll find everything here, from food to clothing, crafts to accessories.

Market tour

Try out all the local specialities you fancy, Monday at the Millau night market, Tuesday at Liaucous, Wednesday at Le Rozier or Montredon, and Friday at Potensac. And for early risers, catch up at the Aguessac farmers’ market every Sunday morning.

Made in Aveyron!

Your search begins at the market: at the butcher’s for brass lamb from Aveyron or farm lamb from Pays d’Oc, veau from Aveyron and Ségala or farm beef from Aubrac. At charcutiers to taste melsat, fricandeaux and tripoux or the millavoise version of tripe, the trénels! At our bakers for flaune, fouace or gâteau à la broche. And at the cheese shop, where, alongside the very famous roquefort, pérail or Bleu des Causses take pride of place. Not forgetting the unmissable aligot de l’Aubrac. It comes to us from the north, but it’s made its mark on almost every night market.

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