Rappel Descent At Laven Armand Aventure 4 ExodamsRappel Descent At Laven Armand Aventure 4 Exodams
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Caves to visit around Millau

A parallel world lies beneath our feet!

Sometimes, to better understand the scenery around us… what could be better than going underground?

Underground diversity

In Aveyron or Lozère there are plenty of opportunities for discovery! Put on your shoes, your jacket (and yes, in these vast caves the mercury hardly exceeds 10 degrees), and let’s go for an underground adventure!

It’s simple, the caves to visit near Millau all have their own particularities! Some are more vertical, others more horizontal, or even with an underground river.

But all of them will make you dream with their draperies, stalagmites, stalactites, concretions… and invite you into an imaginary world. One thing is certain, it’s when you encounter the bowels of the land that you appreciate it even more.

These cavities are sure to fill you with wonder!

AVEN is the name often found in the South of France for a vertical cavity!

The "Rose" cave

The Dargilan cave, also nicknamed the “Pink” cave, reveals immense treasures… To begin with, its outsized dimensions: over 1 km of tour, labyrinth of gigantic rooms, columns that are just as gigantic, or even an ancient underground riverbed… and as if to sublimate the whole, this underground maze has recently been illuminated with dynamic led lighting that makes the visit even more immersive.

The 1-hour tour gives you plenty of time to appreciate the variety of these natural constructions, but also of its highly varied hues: yellow, ochre, saffron and pink tones of course run through the cave walls due to the concentration of iron oxide found in this part of the Causse Noir.

A cave treasure to be discovered in all circumstances!

Go and see Dargilan, even if you think you know Europe’s most beautiful caves.

E.A Martel

L'Aven Armand:

Encountering the grandiose

Located on the Causse Méjean, Aven Armand is sure to make you feel very small!

Take the funicular to start the visit and plunge into this marvellous universe. Now begins the story of this colorful cave through a subtle staging of light and sound!

The mix of bright and natural colors is splendid.

Animations, videos, sound and light, concerts and funicular, all come together to share an incredible journey to the center of the earth as a family, tribe, couple, or solo as Jules Vernes once described it!

Among the celebrities who have discovered Aven Armand is Nolwenn Leroy… She even filmed the video clip for her song “Gemme” there.

Bramabiau Abyss

and the River of Happiness

A true cradle of speleology, the Abîme de Bramabiau was Edouard Alfred Martel’s first exploration in the region. The founder of modern speleology, he explored the grottehttps://avenarmand.com/ de Dargilan, Aven Armand and Grotte des Demoiselles.

Contrary to EA Martel’s time, your visit begins with a few minutes’ walk through undergrowth, then follows the bed of the river “le Bonheur”. We slowly make our way through an immense geological fault to discover an entire underground network. Water has shaped this limestone rock to create waterfalls and giant potholes, and you’ll even come across dinosaur counterprints.

A formidable discovery where the river’s work is as spectacular as the sound of the torrent.


A strange and singular site, it’s certainly at Bramabiau that cave enthusiasts are least likely to experience a sense of déjà vu.