Excursion Around The Millau Viaduct 10Excursion Around The Millau Viaduct 10
©Excursion Around The Millau Viaduct 10

Millau Viaduct

Visit the Bridge of Records

All the records for Europe’s highest viaduct, and the best possible discoveries from the viaduct of the impossible!
Discover why the Millau Viaduct became so famous…

A unique work of art

A modern masterpiece!

A true monument of the Aveyron département, the Millau Viaduct flies like a flag over the Millau sky!
Becoming an emblem of French know-how, it contributes to France’s influence abroad.
Overlooking the Tarn valley, this footbridge has helped to open up the Massif Central.
Each year, millions of people use it to spend their vacations in the South of France or to travel to Spain.
This technical feat with its slender design contributes to the development of a region that will never cease to surprise you…

From performance to elegance

13 years of study to define the contours of this pharaonic project. Geological, meteorological and economic constraints sealed the nature of the project. A viaduct will cross the famous Tarn valley. Born of the imagination of a British architect, Lord Norman Foster and the expertise of the chief engineer of French bridges and viaducts, Michel Virlogeux, this collaboration will see the emergence of the major work of the 21st century.

These 2 men are combining their talents to take up this challenge, this new challenge… They have already proven their worth, City Hall and Millennium Bridge in London or the Carré d’Art in Nîmes for Lord Foster; île de Ré bridge, Normandy bridge or the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge on the Bosphorus for Michel Virlogeux.

Among all the proposals, it was the choice of elegance that won out.

Enjoy the Millau Viaduct

A head full of memories


Millau Viaduct

Nowadays, it seems hard to pass by this giant of concrete and steel without taking the time to photograph it. In a selfie, with the family, from the Causse du Larzac or from one of the many viewpoints,…everyone wants to keep a souvenir of this fascinating structure!

For yes, you can’t help but admire this cable-stayed bridge, which shatters established records, from every angle.

The experience of a

crossing the Millau Viaduct

There are several options for crossing the Tarn valley!
But one of the most practical is to take the Millau Viaduct via the A75 between Clermont-Ferrand and Béziers.


  • How do I get to the freeway near the Millau Viaduct?

    North of the viaduct: access the A75 via entrance 45, towards Montpellier.

    South of the viaduct: access the A75 via entrance 46, towards Clermont-Ferrand.

  • How do I get to the Millau Viaduct from Millau town center?

    The crossing towards Montpellier:
    Follow the signs for Cahors / Rodez / Lacs du Lévézou.
    At 5.3 km, take the A75 freeway towards Montpellier/Béziers (toll before the structure).

    The crossing towards Clermont-Ferrand:
    Follow the signs for Montpellier on the D 809.
    At 13 km, at La Cavalerie, take the A75 freeway towards Clermont-Ferrand (toll booth after the structure).

  • How much does the Millau Viaduct toll cost?

    Toll rates are updated every year on February 1st.

    The purpose of the toll is to reimburse the Viaduct’s construction and to finance its maintenance and user safety.
    The user pays, not the taxpayer as a whole.