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Give your event visibility!

The form you’ll find below aims to become the sole gateway between your events and the of our website.

With a view to saving time and ensuring that information is distributed to our visitors in a qualitative and relevant manner, we would be grateful if you could fill in as many of the fields in the form as possible, and count on an exhaustive description of your content.( in progress)

For optimal display, the size of visuals is 1200x1700px (A4 Portrait) , JPEG format.

Don’t forget: your information must reach us as soon as possible, at least 15 days before the date.

To give visibility to your event, your preferred contact is: Sandra AGRINIER,


Between pros

Meetings by sector: creating links!

The Tourist Office wishes, through the organization of meetings between professionals, to invite the various tourism players to get to know each other, exchange, feed back their opinions, needs and perspectives, and create collaborations.

A support project and a unique venue:the Taf & Co

Small groups in a cosy format: petits déjeuners remue méninge.

Large format for a season launch with a speaker of choice: apéro tourisme.

Important meetings where you can also exchange and share your ideas and points of view with our Millau Grands Causses Tourisme team.

Together, let’s co-construct our tourism of tomorrow!

For your event

Grant application

The Tourist Office actively supports numerous sporting or cultural events that are of tourist and economic interest, in line with the region’s image and development strategy.

In addition to being highlighted on our communication media, it is also possible to obtain financial aid for events that are of significant interest to the region’s tourist economy.
To this end, an application file for attribution must be requested and completed with our services. Applications must be submitted before October 31, year N -1
It is advisable to contact the Tourist Office Director beforehand to present your project and check the conditions of attribution.

This file is then studied by the Tourist Office Management Committee, which deliberates and validates or not the request for attribution of aid.

Your privileged contact, Fabrice ZAMUNER,