Canoeing in the Gorges du Tarn

A must

Canoe, kayak or paddle down the Gorges du Tarn, between Lozère and Aveyron. The different routes, so you can see more clearly!

Tiny in my canoe

How to describe the emotion felt as you traverse these gorges, among the largest and most spectacular in France? You have to imagine a gigantic gash, as if cut with an axe, neatly separating the Causse into two distinct plateaus. Yet, despite the immensity of the setting, access to the river remains easy.

There remains the pleasure of gliding over emerald water between limestone walls wonderfully shaped by millennia of erosion. You’ll then be able to understand, see and feel the Gorges du Tarn at their most beautiful, intimate and magical.

At the bottom of the Gorges, tiny in your canoe, you’ll grow from this experience, which can last a few hours or a few days depending on your desires.

The most beautiful courses

You don’t have to be a seasoned kayaker. While some stretches of the Tarn river require a first experience of navigation, in other places, the Tarn is more debonair and allows you to initiate yourself with less risk.

  • La Malène – Le cirque des Baumes or Le Pas de Soucy ( 10 or 11 km ) :
    A mythical course, this descent opens the door to the Détroits, the tightest part of the gorges and accessible only by the river. A fairly easy ride, apart from 2 tricky rapids, which can be avoided by getting out of the water. In our opinion, this route remains the benchmark.
  • Les Vignes – Le Rozier ( 10 km ) :
    Eager for a little more excitement? This is the route for you. Sportier and more eventful than the others, it’s sure to provide some great moments. At the halfway point, the famous Sablière rapid at the foot of the hamlet – don’t forget to smile for the photo!
  • Le Rozier – Peyrelade/Rivière sur Tarn : ( 9 or 10 km ) :
    Family with children or beginners, this is your first descent! Enjoy the river at your leisure, and see Peyrelade castle from every angle.
  • Le Rozier – Aguessac ( 14 km ) :
    All along the Vallée du Tarn, take a moment to relax and admire this unspoilt environment. Swimming, picnics, sunbathing, it’s vacation time!
  • Peyrelade – Aguessac ( 7 km ) :
    Learn to play with the current.

Day trips

20 km of navigation

You’re looking for a longer route of around twenty kilometers? Here are 2 ideas for the day.

  • La Malène – Le Rozier ( 21 km )
  • Les Vignes – Peyrelade ( 17 km ) or Aguessac ( 24 km )

Are these routes still too short? Camping, weekend or 3-4 day canoe trips can be organized by Canoe rental companies. Find out more and create your ideal itinerary!

Canoe, Kayak or Paddle?

How to choose?

Adopt the boat that suits you best or the one you don’t know yet!

The Canoe: for 2 or 3 people, perfect for a small family.

The Kayak: for 1 person, soloists or to avoid arguments!”

The Paddle: in a standing version for a short descent.

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