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Visiting and getting around Millau without a car

What can you see if you don’t have a car? How can you discover the area on foot? We tell you all about it…

The town of Millau,

By bus or on foot,

In town, you can’t miss them! With their flashy green color, the buses of the Mio network criss-cross the town of Millau, its residential districts and the village of Creissels. However, in the old town center, nothing beats walking.
Distances are short and the center can be crossed in10 minutes barely!

Good to know: parking lots on the banks of the Tarn are free and less than 10 minutes’ walk from the town center (link map)

Finally, to get to Creissels, allow 25 minutes maximum on foot by following the cycle path along the Tarn (Trace verte du Viaduc), or 5 minutes with the bus line 3.

The bike

a new ally for your journeys

What if the electric bicycle replaced the car? While for a long trip the idea may seem far-fetched, for everyday commuting it could well be the answer. Several service providers offer electric bikes (or not) for hire in the glove city. Another way to get around and enjoy the surrounding countryside. Discover where I rent my bike! With an electrically-assisted bike, the viaduct is just a pedal away: take the green route to the Pont Bleu, cross the Tarn and follow the old right-bank construction path to the rest area.

Rent a car

at the Tourist Office

For many isolated tourist sites or those not served by public transport – Montpellier-le-Vieux, the Templar cities of Larzac, Roquefort, Micropolis or the caves and visitor sites of Lozère – the best solution still remains the rental of a vehicle for half a day or the whole day.

Self-sharing is the challenge taken up by the Toulouse-based company Citiz, to offer a simple and economical solution to those who don’t have a car. The Grands Causses Regional Park, in partnership with Millau Tourist Office, has taken up the challenge. Several 24-hour self-service hybrid vehicles are available for hire in Millau and surrounding areas!

There are two ways to access the Citiz offer:

  • Create your account online a few days before your trip: the time between registering on the site and receiving the card to unlock the vehicles takes around 72 hours.
  • Rent your vehicle directly at the counter of the Millau Tourist Office. Come by train or bus and have a solution to your travel needs for a few hours or a whole day, for a visit to the Viaduct area or a trip through the Gorges du Tarn!

Good to know: a deposit cheque will be required for rental!

Voitures en libre-service du Réseau Citiz : mode d'emploi.
Voitures en libre-service du Réseau Citiz : mode d'emploi.
Voitures en libre-service du Réseau Citiz : mode d'emploi.

Taking a cab

Sometimes, the last few kilometers are the most problematic. From the station, for example, it’s not easy to visit the Millau Viaduct. To get to the motorway rest area, 8 kilometers away, you’ll either have to rent a car or take a cab. In the latter case, it’s best to book ahead! All useful contacts on the Millau bus station website.


Car-sharing cooperative

Try your luck on Mobicoop, the local blablacar. You might just find what you’re looking for, especially if you want to get to concerts or events held outside Millau. More and more event organizers are registering their activities there. Starting with ours!

A day in Aveyron and beyond

by bus or train liO

For longer journeys, in Aveyron or beyond, take advantage of the rail network and regional buses. You’ll find nothing but advantages: the comfort of a journey spent looking out over the countryside, the opportunity to pass through small villages that the main roads bypass, and above all a single, very attractive fare of €1 to €2.

A few hours by bus
  • A 1h30 drive: 1 day in Rodez, an ancient center dominated by a red sandstone cathedral and 3 Museums: the Soulages Museum, the Fenaille Museum, home to the astonishing menhir statues, and the Denis Puech Museum
  • A 2h00 drive, 1 day to Montpellier, the Mediterranean, for the ambiance of its old center, the bold architecture of its new districts, its cultural heritage and its Fabre Museum…
  • A 2h00 drive, 1 day to Mende, the Lozerian, to discover the city of the bishops of Gévaudan.
  • 1 summer day in the Gorges: the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte are now accessible by tourist shuttle. From early July (usually 2nd week) to August 31, these buses run every day from Millau bus station. Reach Meyrueis with route 215, Ste-Enimie or Florac with route 258. Cyclists can even take their 2-wheelers with them!
Just a few train stops away
  • 1 day in Béziers: For the more organized, €1 AvantagiO’ tickets are available on all TER lines in the Occitanie region, if you book at least 10 days in advance: On the “Béziers – St Chély d’Apcher” line, all tickets are €1.
  • From 2 to 6 days in Occitanie for €10 a day: that’s the promise of the Occitanie Rail Tour! 19 rail lines to discover regional tourist sites in a 100% eco-responsible journey!

From countryside to capital cities, from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees, it’s slow-mode travel in Occitanie finally accessible to all!

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