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Eiffage Millau Viaduct racela Course du Viaduc: See you in 2024!

Eiffage Millau Viaduct race

A biennial race

A much-awaited rendezvous

The famous pedestrian race only takes place every 2 years ….
The last edition … It was May 22, 2022! Don’t miss the next one, which will take place on SEPTEMBER 22, 2024.

You too can tread on the world’s highest viaduct with your feet!

Next edition: 28/09/2024
the beautiful age!

The viaduct celebrates its 20th anniversary!

For this year’s edition and to mark the 20th anniversary, a second, shorter course will be offered ( limited number of places)

  • 20 Years Course

It offers the same start as the other participants and allows you to make the mythical return trip over the Millau Viaduct. Back at the motorway service area, a shuttle system will take runners back to Millau town center.
This course will be 12.8 km long.

  • Historic route

Long at 23.7 km, it takes you from downtown Millau to a round trip over the famous A75 motorway viaduct over the Tarn, returning to town for a finish at Parc de la Victoire.

A resolutely festive appointment, this popular and accessible race stands out for its atmosphere, which here counts just as much as the performances.


“What dominates in the realization of such an event is the originality, the feeling of freedom, the sensation of floating in the wind on an ocean of greenery…”


Indispensable in the world of running…

Created in 2007, the Eiffage Millau Viaduct race in Aveyron now resonates as a great “classic”.

This unusual race has an undeniable appeal for all runners: That of being able to cross the Tarn valley on foot more than 200 metres above the river, taking the world’s most famous viaduct: the Millau Viaduct! A feeling of freedom and lightness guaranteed…

#CourseViaducMillau 2020
#CourseViaducMillau 2020
#CourseViaducMillau 2020

The rare and unique opportunity to run… on a freeway!

Once every two years,the A75 motorway is closed to traffic. A truly original event in the world of running! An enchanted interlude, during which traffic is stopped from 9am to 12:40pm. With the help of the DIR Massif Central, vehicles are diverted to let the runners pass over the 4.9 km of the viaduct.



Running gives you wings…

Joy and good humor are the watchwords of the participants. Many run in disguise… Bob the Sponge, Batman and Super Mario have already successfully run the race!

Sure, it’s a competition, but its originality provokes enthusiasm among running enthusiasts, confirmed runners as well as all those who just want to take up the challenge of running on the world’s highest bridge. Sport generates strong emotions, sharing and solidarity… emotion is something you live!”

A feat made possible thanks to extensive logistics and the involvement of over 900 volunteers! Present at refreshment stations, security posts or at bib withdrawal… Those who don’t run can thus experience the event from the inside! It’s a different kind of pride, a collective one this time, that grips the whole town for the duration of a weekend.



Race profile

Festive atmosphere during the Eiffage Millau Viaduct Race

Special events all over town

On the Saturday before the race, the whole town takes part in the festive spirit with a program of events specifically created for the occasion. An opportunity to discover MILLAU while making the most of the shops, street shows and small concerts scattered around the old town center…

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