Tripous breakfast

A culinary experience made in Aveyron Lozère!

Yes, you read that right: eating tripoux for breakfast… Yes, you should try this fork breakfast experiment

An intergenerational event!

At the height of the summer season, every weekend and bank holiday is marked by village fêtes: market or garage sale, music and good-natured entertainment, dinner dances… and on Sunday mornings, from 8am: tripoux breakfast.

This is the intergenerational rendezvous of the moment! You’ll come across

  • young people finishing their night of partying here
  • farmers who, after feeding the herds, come to meet up over a plate of food
  • old-timers in their Sunday best perpetuating a centuries-old tradition
  • tourists here to experience a festive, local breakfast
  • caussenards in search of a good time with friends
  • and everyone mingles.
    There are no reserved seats, so people sit “by the kilometer”, filling table after table.

Main words: sharing, joviality, conviviality, eating well

We tell each other about the previous day’s party, the latest walk on the Causse, local news, each other’s little stories, an opinion or advice on a visit, an activity, a trip…

On the menu

  • A plate of local charcuterie
  • Snails or calf’s head
  • The long-awaited plate of tripoux, accompanied by potatoes
  • Roquefort or ewe’s milk tomme
  • A slice of fouace to pack it all in.

A real breakfast menu! Have a nice day!


Tripoux breakfast is sacred… and traditional.

In the 19th century, women prepared tripoux for the men of the farming estates of Lozère and Aveyron, on Sunday mornings, before they left for mass.

The tradition gradually extended to meetings between peasants and merchants, often early in the morning, before work in the fields or herding cattle out to pasture.

Some village bars or small restaurants have preserved this tradition, and it’s not uncommon to see crowds around the counter early on Sunday mornings, well before mass!

Village fêtes today perpetuate the tradition and soul of the tripoux breakfast


Tripoux vs Trenels

Tripoux = veal belly, rather traditional in northern Aveyron and northern Lozère

Trénèls = lamb belly, rather traditional in southern Aveyron and southern Lozère, where there are virtually only flocks of ewes to make Roquefort cheese


For the rest, we find small pieces of tripe, ham, ventrèche, rind, all packed in a piece of paunch, held together by a fine string and slowly cooked in a flavored veal stock (carrots, tomatoes, Causse herbs, white wine….)


In fact, the young urban generation hasn’t invented anything with “Afters”! The proof is in the pudding with these Aveyron and Lozere breakfasts!

..which can also be an excellent “Before” as Sunday is just getting started.

This gets you in shape for the day, but a word of advice: save a little time for a digestive stroll around the village that’s hosting you. It’s often appreciated, if not indispensable!

Most of all, I remember the conviviality and sharing, all generations and all backgrounds around what also makes France, Aveyron, Lozère, namely gastronomy and good local produce.

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