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Les 4 peyre & co

Peyre, stone in Occitan

Sovereign in its architecture, stone is also used in the place names of Peyre, Peyrelade, Peyreleau and Compeyre. In the game of seduction, 4 beautiful competitors near Millau.

1. Peyre, Most beautiful village in France

7 km from Millau, Peyre is already classified as one of France’s Most Beautiful Villages. Go there for its unique panorama over the Viaduct, linger for the singular charm of this little rock village. The travertine cliff – known here as tuff – serves as a wall for the houses that nestle under its natural shelter.

Don’t visit Peyre, stroll through its narrow streets to discover the beautiful houses, the bread oven; enter the Romanesque church to touch the rock of the cliff, linger on the terraces that open like windows onto the waters of the Tarn. Drawing enthusiasts, follow the original itinerary of 10 stations set up around the village: full of tips and advice on how to sketch the landscape.

2. Peyreleau, Petite Cité de Caractère

At Peyreleau (“pierre levée” in Occitan), at the confluence of the Tarn and Jonte rivers, slow down! In a hurry to get to the gorges road, we all too often pass by without stopping! Charm guaranteed for this village recently elected to the “Petites Cités de Caractère” club: discover its exceptional panorama over the three causses (Causses Noir, Méjean and Sauveterre) and some fine medieval buildings: Templar barn, Château du Triadou, communal oven…

3. Compeyre, the "stone field

Compeyre, the “stone field”, invites you to discover its rich heritage and, with a glass of Côtes de Millau in hand, to share in its winegrowing traditions past and present, during a guided tour led by local winemakers: an opportunity to evoke a tumultuous history between the Hundred Years’ War – a well known as the “English” remains here – and the Wars of Religion.

Compeyre, the stone field
Compeyre, the stone field
Compeyre, village nommée "le champ de pierre"

4. Château de Peyrelade

Last but not least, le château de Peyrelade, THE “special family” heritage tour, to plunge back into the medieval atmosphere every summer, thanks to our events: from the vaulted rooms to the ramparts, via the drawbridge, discover on guided or self-guided tours the incredible rock-dungeon that watches over the road to the Gorges du Tarn.

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