Millau Belfry: King of Aragon Tower

Emblematic since the Middle Ages

Emblematic since the Middle Ages

Panoramic views

on the town and the Millau viaduct

Discover the city from the terrasse du Beffroi. Addicted to selfies? When you’re in Millau, this is THE photo you’ll send to all your contacts and keep as a souvenir of your visit: the one you take from the top of the Belfry!



Two rounds in one!

Belfry and King of Aragon Tower

Whether you take a self-guided or guided tour, visit 2 towers in one and immerse yourself in Millau’s history. So, before you begin the climb, a little history for the more curious.

At the base stands the Tour des Rois d’Aragon. Square, massive and austere, it is the last vestige of a palace built in the 12th century by Alfonso II, King of Aragon, whose sovereignty then extended as far as Rouergue. A century later, Millau became part of the kingdom of France.

The town’s coat of arms still recalls this dual allegiance: red and gold stripes inherited from the Kings of Aragon, crowned by an azure field sown with 3 golden fleurs-de-lis symbolizing the King of France. Five centuries later, in 1613, the consuls of Millau purchased the Tower and crowned it with an octagonal tower, the Belfry proper, which from then on housed the communal bell tower.


210 steps and 42 metres high

Get some height…. And the 210 steps to the very top? Not even a good excuse to miss that! During the climb, there’s no shortage of opportunities to stop and catch your breath: 5 different levels and a multitude of nooks and crannies – actually former prison cells – to delight the little ones. The view at the top rewards you for all your efforts.

On a guided tour with Sandra, tour guide at the tourist office, discover the history of the city and the evolution of the urban landscape from the 2 panoramic terraces. A tour on Tuesday mornings, when the tower is closed to the public, is offered in small groups from April to September.

In July and August, by torchlight, come and enjoy a magical night-time discovery!
Then climb the 42-meter-high Belfry to get a better view of Millau, from the maze of its streets to the plumb of the cliffs that surround it, from the curves of the Tarn to the famous Viaduc de Millau.