Glove-making and arts and crafts in Millau

Millau City and Art Trades

Discover Millau in all its styles and set off on a journey where beauty meets practicality.

Exceptional craftsmen

In 2000, Millau was awarded the Ville et Métiers d’Art label for its glove-making activity, thanks to the presence of a large number of art workshops where leather, metal, clay, wood, glass and wool are worked with the highest level of expertise.

Millau’s glove factories produce the finest skins for haute couture and the luxury goods industry. Very few establishments labeled Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) have access to such markets in search of perfection and exclusivity.

The Millau glove-making workshops offer you access to their know-how during a discovery of the creations and achievements of their master glove-makers and “little hands”.

The Millau glove factories are Made in France, Made In d’Exception.

Today, the Pôle Cuir Aveyron maintains this historic know-how to ensure the continuity of the refined and stylish glove-making trades, as well as its promotion



Métiers d'Art

At the heart of the town center, in the pedestrian Rue du Mandarous, the Espace Métiers d’Art gallery showcases the finest pieces from the twenty or so craftsmen and artisans of the Millau Art et Savoir Faire association.

Wander through Millau’s narrow streets and stop off at the many Artisanat d’Art galleries, where a rich program of exhibitions awaits you all year round.

all year round.

The artist is the one who masters the art of living

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