Patrimoine La Couvertoirade 33 Grands Sites Midi PyeneesPatrimoine La Couvertoirade 33 Grands Sites Midi Pyenees
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Templar and hospitable Larzac circuitA guaranteed surprise!

Templar and hospitable Larzac circuit

With 400,000 visitors each year, the Larzac Templar and Hospitaller sites are the most visited in the department after the Millau Viaduct area. Religious orders have left a lasting imprint on this territory…
Templars and Hospitallers have made a major contribution to what the causse is still today: a living example of agro pastoralism, rightly recognized in recent years by UNESCO with its inscription on the World Heritage List.

The architectural richness of the territory through the major fortified sites of Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon, La Couvertoirade, La Cavalerie, Le Viala-du-Pas-de-Jaux and Saint-Jean d’Alcas, constitutes an exceptional testimony to a fascinating history that continues to arouse keen interest.

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