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Larzac markets

The flavours of the plateau

When it comes to markets on the Causse du Larzac, there’s no shortage of choice!

There’s more to this than trading goods…

The Larzac markets aren’t just about shopping. It’s about so much more! Farmers’ markets offer real opportunities to meet and share with producers. The struggle against the extension of the military camp in the 70s has left its mark: a taste for discussion and exchange, new social experiences and a view of the world that extends far beyond the plateau. Welcome to militant Larzac!

Weekly get-togethers

Un soir à Montredon

From July to August, on Wednesday evenings from 6pm, Montredon hosts a farmers’ market and nocturnal picnics on the grass! At the height of summer, it’s crowded, so don’t stay too late if you want to eat in. Fruit, cheese, grilled meats, beer, bread, wood-fired pizzas, organic or sustainable produce. After the picnic, it’s time to dance, sing or remake the world, depending on the day’s entertainment!

Mercadou in Potensac!

Friday evening, Léon Maillet, a former wrestler, invites you to preview a hike. Then it’s on to the market: here too, conviviality and a spirit of sharing are the order of the day: enjoy the atmosphere.

Under the ramparts of La Couvertoirade

In July and August, it’s all about medieval ambiance at La Couvertoirade. Every Thursday from 5:30pm, it’s all about sales, tastings and entertainment.

And a few exceptional dates

And as the Mercadou de Potensac has the itch, it gladly relocates its festive atmosphere for a few dates in the summer: 4 evenings at La Cavalerie and 2 at Sainte-Eulalie de Cernon.

Saint-Jean d’Alcas joins in for 1 or 2 dates in summer: medieval and night market.
And Cornus, also celebrates 3 evenings in the summer.
Find out about the dates.