Vue Sur La Jonte Gorges De La Jonte 7 Alexandre Humbert 1Vue Sur La Jonte Gorges De La Jonte 7 Alexandre Humbert 1
©Vue Sur La Jonte Gorges De La Jonte 7 Alexandre Humbert 1|Alexandre Humbert

The best photo spots in the Tarn and Jonte gorges

Extremely photogenic territory!

Photography lovers, you won’t be disappointed.

Must-see spots

For yes, diversity is represented here! Crossing the famous Gorges du Tarn to reach the Gorges de la Jonte is full of surprises… Between the hanging villages, the devouring nature, the geological peculiarities and that singular light… Lovers of photography, this safari is made for you!

We offer you 8 must-see photo spots in the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte.


Le Rozier-Peyreleau

Let’s get off to a gentle start on our photo safari, at the confluence of the Gorges du Tarn and the Jonte, with the villages of Le Rozier and Peyreleau.
When you arrive at Le Rozier, how could you not notice the Rocher de Capluc. Overlook the valley for your first shots! Immortalize the Pont-Cassé with the passage of the canoe on the Tarn, and why not a slackliner in progress!
Please note: 100% private sector. Please be discreet and respect the site.
Another remarkable point in the village of Peyreleau, from the Tour de l’Horloge. Spectacular, isn’t it?


Le Point Sublime

Situated on the Causse Sauveterre, at an altitude of 450 m, this promontory is certainly one of the most remarkable viewpoints in the Gorges du Tarn: panoramic views of the “Détroits”, the “Cirque des Baumes” and the “Pas de Soucy”, and with a bit of luck you’ll be able to admire the majestic flight of a vulture overhead.

Le Pas de Soucy

As you head up the Gorges du Tarn, past the village of Les Vignes, the river disappears in places in favor of very large boulders and then reappears…

Reach this immense scree via the river and enjoy a privileged view from the Roche Sourde belvedere (fee payable).


Roc du Serre -La Malène

A 920-metre high, crazy viewpoint over the village of La Malène!


Panorama Mas-Saint-Chély

This time, direction Causse Méjean, 400 meters above the river, this wide panorama above the horseshoe-shaped meander of Saint-Chély du Tarn, is breathtaking. View of the hamlet below.

Sainte-Enimie Panorama

Viewpoints over this most beautiful village in France are plentiful. However, to get a wide shot of the village, stop off on the heights before strolling through the village lanes.


Le Causse Méjean

See the soul of the Causse… here’s a change of scenery!
This is the agropastoral universe where time seems to have stood still. These vast steppic expanses are sparsely populated, except for the ewes.

There’s a singular atmosphere that will challenge all photographers, amateur or otherwise!


Gorges de la Jonte / Dargilan

A mecca of modern caving, the Dargilan cave has been an underground adventure open to the public since 1890!

A visit to Dargilan is a feast of discovery for the eyes, and the memories you’ll take away.
The cave is very lightly lit highlighting its natural colors.
However, it’s best to be equipped for low or even very low light shooting.

Impressive viewpoint over the Jonte Gorges as you leave the visit!

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