Paragliding Pouncho Activites Nature 11 Millau Laetitia Raisin RobertParagliding Pouncho Activites Nature 11 Millau Laetitia Raisin Robert
©Paragliding Pouncho Activites Nature 11 Millau Laetitia Raisin Robert|Laetitia Raisin Robert

Practice sites

All decos and attéro

Pouncho, Brunas, Pic d'Andan and Granède

If these names mean nothing to you, you should know that they are the strategic positions for free flight enthusiasts and professionals.

Millau is also known in the industry for offering particularly complete and pleasant exhibitions and flying conditions.
Who says free flight also says technical data so, for afficionados, here are some practical data and for the others, the pros are here to make you experience the Grands Causses seen from above.


call her "Madame

The scene of numerous competitions and the backdrop to so many activities, the Pouncho d’Agast is as dear to the people of Millau as the Viaduct is known the world over.

Site characteristics

Orientation: South-East, South, South-West, West, North-West and North
FFVL radio beacon: 143.9875
More info and contact: CDVL

Décollages Sud

Orientation: South-East to South-West
Altitude: 840 m
3 take-off zones for delta and rigid paragliders, a packing and visiting zone and a flat take-off.
1 hard access mid-slope (deltas and rigids)

West takeoff

Orientation: South-West to North-West
Altitude: 820 m
A folding and visiting area, a wide 100 m slope
2 paved ramps (Deltas and rigids)
Resting in the slope is possible but tricky, depending on traffic and conditions.

North takeoff

Orientation: North (only)
Altitude: 823 m
Narrow takeoff for deltas and rigids and zero visibility for landings. Difficult take-off exit in strong winds
Steady grassy slope

Flight over "everyone off".

Brunas: Full iron viaduct!

Between Millau and the Viaduct, there’s Creissels. This village, nestled in the foothills of the Causse du Larzac supports not only half of the world-famous structure; it’s also a geologically very interesting village and among other mythical trails, it hosts a formidable free-flight take-off site

Site characteristics

FFVL radio beacon: 143.9875
More info and contact : CDVL

Orientation: North-West to North
Altitude: 746 m
Large folding and visiting area, stablilized on gentle slope then steeper grassy slope
1 hard access mid-slope (deltas and rigids)
Easy and clear resting area
Inflating area and school slope next to chalet
Dry toilets at take-off
Recommendations: Deco impracticable in NE and W winds

Brunas landing

The other two sites

One of the advantages of our Causses… is that they’re all around us.

The Pic d’Andan and the Granède are two additional take-off sites facing each other. one is named after the “mini Causse” on which it sits and the second is also a model aircraft area on the Larzac ledges.


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