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The Grands Causses, a land of Gravel

Riding a Gravel bike around Millau means taking on our great trails on the Causse Noir or the Causse du Larzac

There’s no need to get bored on your bike, the diversity and beauty of our landscapes make your outings ever more fun. You’re guaranteed to be amazed at every turn!

Gravel bikes

Pleasure & safety

For racing, touring adventure or daily commuting, whatever your level and riding style, the Vélo Gravel is made for fun. More versatile and sturdier than a road bike, with wider, notched tires, its flared handlebars make it easier to ride on our smaller, tarmac roads. Between trails and paths, we avoid the main road network, where we don’t always feel safe.

Gravel courses

designed by professionals

Terre de Gravel Grands Causses is an initiative of the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses. In partnership with French company Wish One, 500 km of routes and 11 FFC-labeled itineraries have been concocted for your enjoyment.

Rustic roads, rolling paths, small singles in the undergrowth, or forest tracks, a wide choice of routes to work on your technique and fitness.




Millau Grands Causses

Maxime Poisson and François-Xavier Blanc, 2 cycling enthusiasts, dreamers, perfectionist creators, founded this French Gravel bike manufacturing brand WISH ONE in 2018.

Located under the famous Millau Viaduct, their aim is to create bikes with minimal impact on their environment. Eco-citizenship, humanity and respect are the values defended by the company to inspire cycling and preach the good word in all circumstances!

In charge of organizing the French round of theUCI Gravel Tour World Cup, the 2 compères still want to think locally and continue to promote the Grands Causses for Gravel riding.

Sports experience

Unspoilt nature

Know-how and authentic gastronomy