Vtt 71 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg AlricVtt 71 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg Alric
©Vtt 71 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg Alric|Greg Alric

Enduro MTB Millau

A special playing field

The Millau Grands Causses region is waiting for you!

Millau, a new Eldorado

Enduro bike race

If you’re interested in enduro, you’ve probably heard of Millau in recent years.
3 editions of the Biivouac, 2 rounds ofFrench Cup and one round of the Enduro World Series

In 2016, Millau and the Grands Causses decided to make enduro tracks available. Anxious to get the various riders to coincide, the decision was made to bring out 3 tracks and judge how they worked for a year.

As no incidents were to be deplored during this “test year”, other tracks were set up across the territory.

A few years later, demand has evolved and 2021 will have seen the rebirth of its famous DH (Downhill) and the creation of trails under the Viaduct.
A veritable totem and rallying point, a whole world of cycling comes to polarize at the foot of the structure.

Our enduro runs

in the heart of nature