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Long-distance travel

Causses & Cevennes, a land of itineraries
A few days or a long trip?

Vast and contrasting, the region hides an incredible mesh of trails conducive to long, wild itineraries. Included on the prestigious World Heritage list of Mediterranean agropastoral cultural landscapes, more than 3000 km² of exceptional landscapes and over 3000 km of trails await you for a timeless itinerant epic. GR 71C-D, GR62, GR6, GR de Pays Tour du Causses de Sauveterre or spectacular GR736 Gorges et Vallée du Tarn… the hardest part is choosing the right one, the only one, the only one: yours!

Hikes with many faces

The pleasure of setting off, bag on back, and letting the hours, days or weeks tick by is still intact for many hikers. However, these same trails are just as magical for riders and their mounts, mountain bikers, with or without electric assistance, and even walkers who… run, the traileurs! Another popular form of canoeing or kayaking is to be found along the Gorges du Tarn, where the 78 km-long full descent remains a highlight in the life of a canoeist.

The absolute must: Dare to try multi-practice canoeing! You can mix several activities and alternate walking, mountain biking and canoeing for a complete descent of the Gorges du Tarn, for example.

Our Great Itineraries

Here, the network of trails is such that you can build your own itinerary à la carte. You can also follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before you and helped make certain routes legendary.

Tour du Larzac Gr 71112 km of happiness

Unusual land by definition, its isolation has enabled the preservation of a culture, architecture and know-how that are very particular to theSteppes caussenardes.
Here, history can be read in stone. That of the Templiers and Hospitaliers, among others, has left an indelible mark on the landscape and still raises many questions.
Two possible itineraries:112 km for 6 days’ walking or 83 km for 4 days’ walking. The Larzac tour can be done on foot, but also very conveniently by mountain bike or on horseback.

Gr 736 Gorges et Vallée du TarnAdventures on the water

From the town of Villefort, very convenient for organizing your departure, and close to the Mont Lozère and the emblematic sources of the Tarn, to the spectacular episcopal city of Albi, this great itinerary covers nearly 300 km of exceptional trails, always staying as close as possible to the river. Along the river, this great hike crosses three departments Lozère, Aveyron and Tarn for over 15 days of hiking!

15 stages to cover both the Parc National des Cévennes, the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses, cross3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and immerse yourself in the heart of a unique territory classified Grands Sites Occitanie Sud de France (Mont Lozère, Millau, Albi).

An itinerary where the majesty of the landscapes (Gorges du Tarn, Grands Causses high plateaux, Raspes, Ambialet meander…) also allows for a gentle, close-up approach to a thousand-year-old heritage and remarkable sites. From Villefort to Albi, every town and village you pass through tells the story of centuries of history. Impossible to name them all, but among them , Pont de Montvert, Sainte-Enimie, St Chély du Tarn, Le Rozier/Peyreleau, Millau, Brousse-le-Château are all nuggets that will help make this itinerary unique.

Apanel of leisure activities, allowing multi-modal practice, combined with facilities specific to itinerancy (interpretation signposting, mountain bike charging stations, luggage transport…), should enable you to fully experience this hike along the most beautiful of waters, that of the Tarn river.

In Aveyron, 117 km of trails to make your way through the Larzac and Causse Noir and cross the Tarn 3 times.

La Grande Traversée du Massif Centralon a mountain bike

Designed for mountain biking, the GTMC offers a fantastic ride of 1400 km across the Massif Central. Leaving Millau, a variant of just under 50 km takes you through the Larzac on short single-track routes. A route full of surprises to join the grand traversée near La Couvertoirade.

Were you walking? Well, run now...Trail itineraries

In the land of the famous Templiers race, the trail craze continues unabated.
120 KM for 4290 m of D+ -that’s the promise of parcours n°23 Itinérance Trail from Grands Causses Espace Trail.
While we admire the performance of ultra-trailers who complete the course in a dozen hours (!!!), there’s nothing to stop you from attempting the adventure in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days. No time barrier, no stopwatch, just the pleasure of enjoying the landscapes and trails trodden on a certain October weekend by warriors called Templars.