Where to get your fishing licence and equipment around Millau?

Fishing maps, regulations and stores in Millau

Envy to fish in Aveyron or Lozère? Find all the information you need to pick up your fishing licence and buy equipment in Millau

A precious sesame

The essential fishing card

To practice your favorite pastime, the Associations Agréées de Pêche et de Protection du Milieu Aquatique (AAPPMA) and local federations have negotiated with the owners of the banks, the conditions of access to our lakes and rivers.
By taking your fishing card:

    • you pay a right of access and exercise on the territory.
    • you support the federation and the fishing associations working to protect aquatic environments.
    • you undertake to comply with fishing regulations.

A hobby for all, a card for everyone…

Even for a single day or a short fishing trip with your children, the card is necessary. From €7 for children under 12 to €105 to fish anywhere in France, choose the type of card that suits you.

Prices 2023:

Interfédérale Personne Majeure : 105 € valid all year round and throughout France (except non-member departments)
Découverte Femme: 36 € valid all year round and throughout France (except non-member departments)
Personne Majeure Aveyron : 80 € for fishing in Aveyron only
Personne Mineure: 22 € valid all year round and throughout France (except non-member departments)
Discovery under 12: 7 € valid all year round and throughout France (except non-member departments)
Daily: 12 € 1 day of your choice
Weekly : 34 € 7 consecutive days
Club Halieutique : 40 € to be added to a Major person card to fish throughout France (except non-member departments)

Where can I get my fishing licence?

In just a few clicks, on www.cartedepeche.fr

Choose in which department and which association (AAPPMA) you’d like to join, then select your card type. Simply download it to your phone or print it out. Payment is made by credit card directly on the site.

Not connected? Sales outlets to help.

You don’t have a printer handy, or no connection, or simply don’t feel like paying online by credit card, rest assured! You can always go to a “dépositaire”: this is an organization authorized to sell fishing cards and collect the money for AAPPMA associations.

in Millau: l’Office de Tourisme 1 place du Beffroi / Chasse et Pêche Arino 133 chemin de Salelles Impasse Cap du Cres
in Rivière sur Tarn: at Mairie -Office de Tourisme 9 route de Fontaneilles Maison des activités

in Rozier-Peyreleau: tourist information office “La Caselle”, April to September ,


Discover here other sales outlets in Aveyron.

Between Aveyron and Lozère


The Tarn and Jonte rivers mark the border between Aveyron and Lozère. A principle of reciprocity allows anglers with an Aveyron or Lozère card to fish on both banks, as long as they don’t cross the departmental boundary.

Example: to fish in Lozère upstream of the hamlet of Mas de la font in the Tarn gorges, you’ll need to add a complementary Lozère card.

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Where can I find fishing tackle?

For all your purchases of fishing tackle, equipment and bait in Millau, the specialist store Espace Nature Millau 133 chemin de Salelles, Impasse Cap du Cres next to the bowling alley.

On the way to the Gorges du Tarn, in Le Rozier, several stores and boutiques in the heart of the village, offer in season the sale of small fishing tackle.