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Unmissable fishing spots around Millau

With 120,000 subscribers on their Scarna Fishing YouTube channel, Anthony and Jérémy from South Aveyron share their vision of fishing.

If you’re coming to the Millau and Grands Causses region for a few days and you’re thinking of fishing?
Tosh and Canito, the fishing duo behind the Scarna Fishing Youtube channel, offer a

Top 3 of the region’s unmissable spots!

  • The must-sees among the must-sees: the Gorges du Tarn et de la Dourbie, whose reputation extends far beyond our borders in Aveyron. And while in midsummer the two anglers advise against going during the day, as they have to cohabit with canoes, mornings and evenings are two ideal times. “All techniques work here: natural bait, lure, fly fishing”, says Anthony.
  • Another favorite spot, classified by Anthony as “one of the most beautiful”: Lac de Pinet.” We fish there for perch in particular,” explains the fisherman. And if you’re on a boat, fishing in the Raspes means you’re in a really great setting.” A little further upstream, Saint-Rome-de-Tarn, whose banks are accessible to all, is an ideal place to spend some time by the water.
  • To get to the third unmissable spot, there’s even no need to take the car. “The family course located in the heart of the town of Millau allows children and their parents to put down a rod and a few lures right next to the town,” Anthony continues. A spot where fishing is “hyper well” and where rainbow trout releases take place.

Scarna Fishing

The up-and-coming Youtube channel

If you’re a fisherman, a lover of good advice, humor and adventure, you may already know them.

On Youtube, Anthony Boyer and Jérémy Cros, Tosh and Canito respectively, head up a small community.

More than 120,000 subscribers follow their adventures every week, through the videos they post on their channel Youtube Scarna Fishing.

Scarna Fishing

Des truites MONSTRES en plein CENTRE VILLE ?
Des truites MONSTRES en plein CENTRE VILLE ?
Des truites MONSTRES en plein CENTRE VILLE ?

A rich population

of fish

The two video anglers’ favorite playground is near Millau: Lac de Pinet, the Gorges (Tarn and Dourbie), the Cernon, the Dourdou, the Salagou. “Here, in our rivers, we’re more trout than carnivore,” analyzes Anthony.
We’re also recognized in France for this presence of trout.”

However, the angler assures us that other fish can be encountered in our rivers. Like “the chub, a robust, combative fish, whose fishing will offer great sensations.”

From March – April, it’s also possible to fish for barbel and roach. And in May, the opening of the pike, perch, sander and blackbass gives way to more technical fishing, notably on the lakes of Pareloup, Pont-de-Salars and Villefranche-de-Panat.

Street fishing

No-kill course

An angler for (almost) as long as he can remember, Anthony has seen practices and mentalities evolve. Fishing, a discipline to which more and more young people, and women, are turning. Sometimes reinventing ways of practicing, as with the emergence of street fishing, in large conurbations or even near Millau.

“The development of ‘no kill’ courses shows a concern for preserving fish populations, for responsible fishing,” adds Anthony. Fishing that’s committed to preserving resources as much as possible and allowing fish to flourish.

Fishing is a way of life, a great way to meet people. You need to be outside, it’s addictive, like trail running

Des Gorges

in Guadeloupe

While the majority of the duo’s videos come from fishing spots in the southern Aveyron region, Tosh and Canito sometimes travel. “We’ve also shot in the Grand Sud Ouest area, on the Lot, in Paris, in departments where we’d go on vacation,” Anthony points out. At the start of 2019, the two friends flew to more distant destinations for the first time: Ireland, Finland and Guadeloupe.

The genesis

an adventure

If we go back to the beginning of the Scarna Fishing adventure, Anthony’s idea was to keep his fishing diary in video format. It wasn’t long before he realized that the audience was in for a treat. He and his partner, Jérémy Cros, quickly got into the spirit of the game.
The two protagonists’ good humor and naturalness quickly won over Internet users. Scarna Fishing now has its audience and is one of the channels that counts.

Today, the duo have found their rhythm: one video published per week on their Youtube channel. And, always, the desire to respond to every comment posted. It’s at the Ping-Pong coworking space in Millau, in the heart of the Grands Causses territory, that the two friends and colleagues make their creations.
A passion that has become their profession: the Scarna Fishing trademark has been registered, and a range of lures has even seen the light of day. With the opening of the 2021 season, perhaps you’ll come across them on a fishing trip: for fish or for good ideas…

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