Canoe Dourbie 25 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg AlricCanoe Dourbie 25 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg Alric
©Canoe Dourbie 25 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg Alric|Greg Alric

Canoeing from Millau

Canoeing on the Tarn and Dourbie rivers

La Dourbie

Between Causse du Larzac and Causse Noir

Less frequented than the famous Gorges du Tarn, the Dourbie reveals its secrets, and offers as a spectacle the ballet of paragliders in the sky.

Exploring the Dourbie means having the sensation of being far from everything. Its crystal-clear waters are best known for fishing and canyoning. The canoe descent reveals the beauty of the landscapes between Causse du Larzac and Causse Noir.

Sporty, class 2 and 3, the level of difficulty varies according to the season. Route: La Roque-Sainte-Marguerite -Millau ( 14 km )

Fresh waters will delight more experienced kayakers, who find a lovely playground here from October to April. Rafting is possible depending on water levels. Join Millau by canoe/kayak

Slower in summer, it becomes the ideal route for family outings (between 5 and 8 km) departing from Milllau.

The Tarn Valley

A bucolic canoe trip under the Millau Viaduct

Waouh! a canoe trip between the piers of the Millau Viaduct! Exceptional, this impressive edifice dominates the Tarn valley, 270 m above your heads.

Along the Trace verte, this canoeing section on the Tarn allows navigation with just the right amount of rapids and currents to keep you from getting bored, the bucolic descent at your own pace, depending on swimming or picnic stops. Next comes Peyre, France’s most beautiful village, suspended from the cliff.

Hire companies offer different routes and distances: choose according to your schedule or your desires. Close to the town center, various rentals offer shuttle services to take you to the start or pick you up at the finish, and provide all the equipment you need for this activity (helmets, paddles, watertight canisters, canoe or kayak, etc. …. ). Enjoy canoeing down the Tarn or kayaking in Millau, they’ll take care of the rest!

Something for everyone

Need some guidance? Our guides will help you discover the river in all its aspects, and fabulous places.

Eager to try a new activity? Why not try paddleboarding or tubbing.

And if you’d rather let yourself be carried along, opt for a boat ride with the Viaduc boatmen: they’re the ones who row!”



Passages requiring a little more attention
  • On the Tarn, downstream from Millau coming from Aguessac, the water intake, a passage on the left allows you to bypass the obstacle
  • The footbridge over the Tarn to link the town center to the Maladrerie island
  • La Maladrerie causeway: 2 yellow buoys mark your way
  • La Passe à Canoës: After Pont Lerouge, a concrete barrier on the right allows you to continue your descent

Already equipped with your own canoe? Find here the points to board.

Good to know: Take a zipped plastic pocket for your mobile


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