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Transport for the disabled

Service Accès Plus and Accès Train liO

The Accès Plus and Accès Train liO services are assistance services available at Millau station for people with reduced mobility or disabilities.

These services are free of charge and require booking no later than 24 hours before your journey.

They are aimed at all people with reduced mobility:

Wheelchair users (electric and manual)
Visually impaired
Hard of hearing
Cognitive disability
People with permanent or temporary mobility difficulties (Senior citizens, temporary disability, person with child in stroller….)

For more information, visit:

Transport collectif à la demande (TAD) is a means of mobility offered to residents of communes not served by the urban network or who prefer a service more suited to their needs. Mainly used by the elderly or those with reduced mobility, it is also of interest to young people.

+33 (0)5 65 73 40 40 – (by reservation the day before before 5:00 pm)

Transport on demand on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays- Driver assistance only to get on/off the vehicle

More information here

Kéolis – Réseau urbain Mio

8 Immeuble de L’Aigoutal – 12100 Creissels

+33 (0)5 65 61 30 88

All city buses are adapted, but not all stops are

For more information on the Mio network

Autocars Causses Alain

Impasse des Ondes – 12100 Millau

+33 (0)5 65 61 24 16

4 buses are adapted

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