Festival Templiers 2023 02 Shootin Factory Greg AlricFestival Templiers 2023 02 Shootin Factory Greg Alric
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Discover the Templiers trail

A must-see!

Get ready for a memorable weekend at this outstanding event. Its reputation is well established: for die-hard nature runners, it’s an unmissable event on the calendar. This festival, conceived for trail runners, has become a myth, a challenge to beat your own records! Nature lovers come back for more every year: the majestic, immense, vertiginous Grands Causses call out to them and challenge them.


and preparation

We practice, we imagine and then we register. As soon as the festival is over, we wait impatiently for the opening of registration to block the date of the next one. Once booked, the first reflex is to book your weekend accommodation. With friends at the campsite, or family in a gîte, everyone is looking for the ideal place to put their stuff.

Now it’s time for training! Motivation and regular sessions are needed to prepare. Because on the big day, you’re going to be facing some pretty steep inclines. Whether solo or in a group, everyone chooses their own method. The Festival des Templiers is rarely a solo event.


There’s something for everyone, thanks to the diversity of courses and distances. There’s something for everyone: children or adults, pros or beginners, there’s bound to be a course to suit you. The bravest set off in the early hours of the morning for the biggest races, and it’s with admiration that we watch the little dots of light from the headlamps on the paths in the distance. The less trained choose shorter routes, like the children’s kinder trail. Women are also in the spotlight, with a race reserved for them.

Here we go!”

This is it, you’ve picked up your race number the day before and you’ve put on your battle dress. On the start line, the atmosphere is festive. You warm up by dancing to the music as the stress begins to build. Impatient to get going, you wait for the starting signal. Whether it’s your first Templiers or not, the thrill is always the same. Then it’s off to conquer the Causses. The gradients are thigh-warming, but the scenery is breathtaking. Whatever the distance or your goal, the main thing is to enjoy yourself.

Around the Races

The whole town is mobilized for its festival, so it’s hard to miss out. Numerous volunteers work hard every day to organize the event. At the Salon du Trail, over a hundred exhibitors let you find out all about nature running, equipment, organizations and future races.

The finish

You’ve done it! The finish line is right there, you can already hear the music blaring, it gives you one last push to get under the arch of happiness. Your family and friends are there to greet you, as are runners from other races cheering you on for the last few metres. At that moment, you feel a bit like the champion of the day, and that’s good. A small refreshment area allows you to regain your strength before heading back to your accommodation or car. But you can already feel proud of yourself!