Citroen Rallye Des CardabellesCitroen Rallye Des Cardabelles
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Raylle des Cardabelles

A legendary rally
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A moment eagerly awaited every year by athletes, spectators and organizers of the now more than famous Cardabelles Rally.


OCTOBER 04 TO 08, 2024


A style...

An atmosphere...

First, there’s the waiting…

Along the paths, in sunshine or rain, often with the wind. In the heart of the causse du Larzac, Sévérac or Lévézou landscapes, the liveliness, which rises to a crescendo, is palpable.

Then comes the hour…

The one when the autumnal silence of this mid-October is no more than a distant memory, drowned under the roar of the engines, the time for the crews to pass.

An eagerly awaited moment every year…

Sportsmen, spectators and organizers of the now more than famous Rallye des Cardabelles look forward to the month of October to experience and relive this great car rally feast once more!

A legend

French championship showcase

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