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My picnic on the trail

A hike and a refreshment bar featuring 100% local specialities

And what do you eat when you’re out hiking? Do you opt for the traditional ham and cheese? Easy-to-carry freeze-dried meals? Or do you feed on the majestic landscapes that unfold before you (not sure you’ll last long with this option…)?

We suggest you carry a 100% local lunch on your back that will delight your taste buds and give you the strength you need to cover the many hiking trails!”

As a starter, a delicate little appetizer: the saucisse au roquefort and/or a few slices of melsat accompanied by a local white or amber beer! The tasting continues with a bit of “green”: the farçou, the Aveyron “pancake”…

We’re not forgetting good farmhouse bread to accompany the cheese! We’ll opt for a hard fromage de brebis and save ourselves a bag cleaning! To finish on a sweet note: a slice of flaune or a piece of spit cake to accompany the thermos of coffee! Even better! A little cherry nectar from the Vallée du Tarn!

It’s tempting, isn’t it?

And for a perfect hike on our many marked trails, we wipe out our tracks and take the few scraps, but we know you’re greedy… there shouldn’t be much left!!

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