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The Viaduct area

A leisure area
Viaduct Agility course057alexhumbertViaduct Agility course057alexhumbert
©Viaduct Agility course057alexhumbert|Alexandre Humbert
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A break if you’re passing through on the A75 freeway, a real place to visit and enjoy if you have a little more time. Good news: all dogs are welcome on 100% of the Aire du Viaduc de Millau.

Viaduct Agility course003alexhumbertViaduct Agility course003alexhumbert
©Viaduct Agility course003alexhumbert

4 years old, border-collie


On the heights of Millau, arriving at the Aire du Viaduc de Millau via the boulevard of the same name already gives a foretaste of the grandeur and beauty of the first engineering structure of the 21st century! A small parking lot in the middle of nowhere, on the outskirts of the Chapelle de Brocuéjouls, and a short passage takes us straight to the Aire du Viaduc. Wow! wide open spaces of lawns and wild grasses to stretch your legs with passing friends!

Expert advice

It is possible to access the Millau Viaduct Area
directly from the A75 freeway (paying access)
but also from Millau and the Tarn Valley (free access).


Grass, wooden fences, fresh air and on the program: slalom, long jump, high jump!
A course just for me… or almost, as dogs must be kept on a leash as much as possible!

The apparatus is adjustable and accessible to all dogs. The space is big enough to invent a sequence of events: running, rolling, crawling, catching the stick! A great moment of play and sharing with my masters in “Ouaf-Lanta” mode.
Access 24/7 all summer long: just right!

Did you know?

La Compagnie Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau is a partner in the “Bring your dog to Millau, Aveyron” initiative, which aims to make it easier and more attractive for families with dogs to visit the destination.

Parcours agility sur l'Aire du Viaduc de Millau
Parcours agility sur l'Aire du Viaduc de Millau
Parcours agility sur l'Aire du Viaduc de Millau

Photo challenge

On the Aire du Viaduc de Millau, there are 2 belvederes. The first is on the level of the buildings. It’s equipped with a large Aveyron Emotion polaroid photo frame. Bipeds love it; a great souvenir of the Millau Viaduct.

For me, it’s time to strike a pose, but for my handlers, it’s a real challenge to take the best photo of me… framed photo please!!

Have you tried it with a Frisbee? I have!

Coup de cœur

Share your adventures in Aveyron with your 4-legged companion
and publish your photos on social networks with the #ExploreMillau or send them to contact@ot-millau.fr

Dogs and herds

La grande ferme sur l’Aire houses an Aveyron discovery area. It’s a real Caussenarde farmhouse, all stone and vaulted ceilings. Freshness guaranteed and very pleasant!

They’ve got talent, these bipeds!

I had to pass through the toutoubar too ouaf, and as I was good, I was entitled to a little gift at the Aire reception desk!

In the farmyard, a wink is made to the agropastoralism on the Grands Causses (UNESCO) through sound and image: flocks of ewes, vultures… and sheepdogs. What a pleasure (intriguing though it is) to listen to a cousin hard at work or a ewe bleating!

Did you know?

Within l’Aire
a model of a working Caussen farm.
This will give you an idea of the ingenuity of our ancestors in the construction
of these stone dwellings, and of their life here, on the Grands Causses.

Visit the Millau Viaduct

Upstairs, a total immersion into the world of the Millau Viaduct and its construction in the Viaduc Expo: immersive show, augmented model, testimonials, exclusive construction images….

Outdoors, you can walk the Sentier des Explorateurs with a guide to understand everything about this masterpiece and know everything there is to know about this giant of concrete and steel!

As an unaccompanied visitor, I loved wandering around and getting some height up to the Belvedere (top). The climb is well worth it: breathtaking views, with your nose in the wind!

Coup de coeur

Before leaving Aire du Viaduc, a gourmet break at Espace Gourmand. It’s time to taste Millau and Aveyron with local products. Happy tasting!

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