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Top 3 campsites

with his dog in Millau

Whether you choose Millau or the Gorges du Tarn for your stay with the whole family, our campsites are the best for a great vacation with your 4-legged friend!

Cosy, small and

Campsites on a human scale.

Shade to play hide-and-seek with the southern sun. Always a patch of green for your feet and his paws. Space for everyone. A friendly atmosphere that lends itself easily to meeting and sharing with neighboring holidaymakers, bipedal or quadruped!


If you like being close to nature, this is “the place to be”!

Access to the river or stream, wooded areas or greenery nearby. Our campsites and nature are one and the Parc Naturel des Grands Causses is accessible to our canine companions!

Even in Millau = town AND nature = nature town!

Your dog will appreciate (and so will you!) the improvised observation posts in our campsites: a squirrel, a little rabbit, a swan, butterflies, vultures in the sky… Zen and contemplative moment…

Ideal starting point

Nature activities at your fingertips!

Nature being omnipresent, you’ll always find activities to share with your dog and from (or near) your campsite: water-jump and other water games, canoeing or paddling, fun hikes, strolls through our characterful villages, gourmet strolls through our markets and aperitif-concerts (yes yes, he’s allowed to taste the local terroir!), trail and canitrail

And all this, very often, on foot, without touching your car!

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