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The dog-friendly approach

“We want to make our destination one of the first dog-friendly tourist destinations in France”

A dogged destination

The Millau Grands Causses Tourist Office is working on an innovative project to pioneer a strong and promising trend.

Today, 18 million French people hope each year to be able to go on vacation with their whole family, 2-legged or 4-legged!”

The place of the dog in society and in the family has greatly evolved in just a few years, and yet welcoming and even welcoming the animal remains an exception.

Take your dog to Millau in Aveyron

The Agence Départementale de l’Attractivité et du Tourisme de l’Aveyron has therefore initiated work on the dog-friendly positioning of Aveyron in collaboration with the Office de Tourisme Millau Grands Causses also already thinking about the subject and thus becoming the experimental partner in this departmental dynamic.

The start-up “Emmè” joins the approach for tailor-made support and a strong experience on doggie well-being on vacation or in activities and leisure.


Our objectives:

  • an adapted welcome in which the dog is welcome… and no longer simply admitted
  • a network of canine professionals available to families
  • good ideas for activities, visits, walks… to be experienced as a family
  • the pleasure of welcoming you to our destination
  • etc…

Beautiful initiatives build a destination… that has dog!