Vertigo balcony

Corniches du Méjean hike

This really is a must-do hike and ideal for families: iconic, panoramic, fun, vertiginous…

A unique and unmissable hike! Alternating grandiose panoramas and spectacular natural heritage…

A hike that’s sure to please your canine companion! Dog friendly!

A breath of fresh air and a pinch of adrenalin. A life-size show!

At the confluence of the Tarn and Jonte rivers

Beware, the start is quite difficult with a significant climb from Le Rozier to the Capluc rock. Fortunately, it only lasts 20mn and it’s not the most beautiful section! The hike really begins at the hamlet of Capluc.

With the morning light, the round trip to the top of the Rocher de Capluc is a good option. This rock is climbed by a series of fairly short ladders clinging to the rock. The 360° view is well worth the climb. In particular, you can appreciate the confluence of the Tarn and Jonte rivers.

Trip/return: approx. 45mn.

Note: 100% private sector. Please use discretion and respect the area.

Le Rocher de l'enclume

The main trail climbs up the hillside and then twists and turns, but we decide to take the Sentier Brunet variant. Beware, this variant is much steeper than the trail, but it offers passages between “holey rocks”, a few climbing steps here and there, and magnificent viewpoints. The fun factor makes you forget the difference in altitude. This variant is especially good for discovering the Rocher de l’Enclume.

Here, some tightrope walkers? No, slacks are strung between the rocks on this spot. Slackline and highline enthusiasts have a blast on the heights. It’s a very visual and impressive show.

Hiking with vultures in the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte

Arrived at the pass, head for the Gorges du Tarn. The trail offers a series of small ledge embankments and viewpoints over the Causse de Sauveterre ledges opposite, with the abandoned troglodytic villages of Eglazines and Saint-Marcellin at the bottom of the Gorges; the verticality of the cliffs below us is impressive here.

Small 15-minute off-circuit to see the Fontaine du Teil. The dog is delighted to find a watering hole!

The hiking trail branches off to cross the pine forest of the Causse Méjean and reach the Jonte ledges. The griffon vultures invite themselves onto our hike. It’s a fascinating sight to watch these great gliders flying just a few meters away from us, their only sound a slight whistle of air through the raptor’s plumage. Some land on the rocky keels of the ledges. Even the dog settles down to enjoy the show!

It’s a good time to take the picnic.