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Sunset paragliding

Slow Time Nature

Happiness is found in the little things! A sunset, a family picnic, the flight of paragliders, a starry sky… and why not all at the same time!

It’s a pleasant, soothing sight… and the ideal spot to experience a beautiful sunset.

Colorful sails criss-cross the sky, from which the voices and shouts of joy of the liberalists resound! These are the only sounds on the horizon… or perhaps a cricket or a sheep in the distance…

Sunsets are an integral part of any vacation!

Direction Brunas...

…above Millau, on the cornices of the Plateau du Larzac

On this sunny late day, we decided to take our time and have a good time, as a family.

Brunas, it’s a typical hamlet of the Grands Causses and it’s also one of the 3 paragliding and hang-gliding take-off points overlooking Millau. Strolling along these ledges, the view is breathtaking over the town, the Tarn Valley and one of the finest panoramas of the Viaduc de Millau. It’s also a paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and trail riders!


Dare to discover paragliding

Totally improvised, my daughter and I let ourselves be tempted by a discovery paragliding flight. Flying at sunset, a moment suspended in time, suspended in the sky, at a time when the colors of the sails give way to the silhouettes of the paragliders.

A simultaneous flight! Emotions guaranteed as they brushed up against each other, passed each other, exchanged a few words (screams?!) and above all lots of smiles… in the air! not a common situation between mother and daughter! In just a few minutes, this twilight flight takes us from Larzac to the Millau Viaduct, where the sun shines brightly. A unique and hypnotic natural spectacle! If it’s pleasant to admire the splendor of sunset from the ground, imagine for a moment how much more so if you contemplate it from the sky itself! The winds are kind this evening; the landing is on the runway! Practical!

Picnics are really chic!

The Brunas take-off area offers a unique, wild… convivial setting, the ideal spot for a traditional picnic in the heart of nature. A bit of charcuterie from Aveyron, bread baked in the village baker’s oven, Côtes de Millau wine, cherry nectar, a chilled farmhouse perail, a slice of flaune or fouace… freshness, greenery and gourmandises … or the opportunity to spend a good time with the family!

As dusk sets in, another show begins...

The sails of the paragliders give way to the stars. A pure starry sky, reduced pollution, a clear site, the ideal setting for a stargazing session! In fact, it’s not uncommon to come across astronomy enthusiasts in Brunas; always ready to share their scopes with the daytime night tourists! Did you know that Millau lies at the gateway to the Réserve Internationale de Ciel Etoilé (RICE) in the Cévennes, 2nd largest in France, and the largest in Europe. Watching the stars, hunting for shooting stars is becoming a luxury but remains an accessible pleasure around Millau and on the Grands Causses.

This evening, we tasted the pleasures of taking the time to live and share a moment in contact with nature, as a family, all sweetness… all happiness. Enjoy!

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