Rock'n'Via ferrata

Many adventures, 1 experience!
Rock and Via ferrataRock and Via ferrata
©Rock and Via ferrata|Alexandre Humbert

“I gave myself adrenaline rushes and a few sweats doing via ferrata in the Tarn gorges”

Your favorite via ferrata?

This is a discovery for me, so my first via.

Your advice for a first-time practitioner?

A coach can really be a good idea

A gourmet recommendation?

Don’t eat too much before taking the plunge…. ^^

Half a day on a cable!

It’s decided! Today, we’re going for a bit of height! Not really at ease with climbing, I’m tackling my first Via ferrata!

A few kilometers from Millau, there are several Via practice spots, I’m throwing my lot in with the Via Ferrata du Boffi which was recommended to me for its crazy views, that’s what we’re going to see! Let’s go! We meet up at Millau Plage… We meet our local guide, Wilfried. Once the team is complete, we head for the Causse Noir to reach the site!

An omnipresent void

Double karabiner in hand, we cross the first footbridge and straight to a majestic view! The postcard, landscape of causses and gorges with the Millau Viaduct in the background. Now we stick to the cliff and keep our confidence up, our little group moving forward slowly and we continue to listen to Wilfried’s recommendations as he takes relaxed photos of us!
We make our way across the first wall and immediately it’s a feeling of vertigo… What a foot… Indeed the via ferrata is very aerial, there are indeed a few meters of height!

We continue to evolve on the cliff at a height of around a hundred meters, between footbridges, monkey bridges and metal installations which, by the way, are impeccable and easily offer unobstructed views and safety. We reach the separation of the two courses, 1 easy and 1 difficult. Well, I choose the difficult one because we’ve still got some gas and the first part went well! So I’ll go for the difficult part.

Full ascent - Rock'n'Via ferrata!

We descend again on a slight incline, the void beneath our feet until we catch sight of a 20-metre net… And I must say, the closer we get, the more gigantic it seems to me…
The climb is a bit testing though we face the spectacular!
We rest our arms and set off again for a more playful ascent with beam, Nepalese bridge, and other metal elements…
The rest of the route takes us back to the easy route and ends with 2 zip lines.

Climbing, accrobranche, adventure courses...

A concentrate of sports, a maximum of sensations!

Aside from the fact that you’d better not be afraid of heights, you don’t need to be a great sportsman to enjoy this experience! That’s the whole point! Alone, with friends or family, there are several courses around Millau [Boffi, Liaucous and Montpellier le vieux ]
It’s really suitable for children over 7-8 years old! The many elements make the experience very playful!

You can't improvise a via!

However, I think it’s essential to say it, but if you’ve never done it before, you should get in touch with a professional. Because yes, it’s a sporting and physical activity (my arms still feel it… ^^). Like all activities of this type, it’s best to have practised it at least once with the most experienced! What’s more, the guide will show you around his playground like no other… anecdotes (about this very Via), understanding the territory, taking photos (because it’s not always easy to get the camera out suspended in the void ;p) and safety of course!

Make this moment unforgettable for the right reasons.


So the via ferrata, it’s not something you improvise! But it’s the kind of experience you tell everyone about when you get back from your vacation!

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