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Peyrelade as a family

Kids Version

A life-size immersion in the Middle Ages, at the time of the knights

A castle perched on a rocky outcrop with a breathtaking view over the valley.

A real moment of happiness to share with the whole family

Awesome live show

A castle like no other!

Peyrelade is a medieval castle, built between the 12th and 16th centuries. It’s actually a perched natural rock-dungeon built entirely of stone. It’s built on and around an enormous boulder. In fact, depending on the sun, it’s hard to see where the rock ends and the castle begins!

Nothing to do with the Châteaux de la Loire, apart from the fact that it’s a castle to visit!

Every year, I go to see it… and I still love it just as much.

What’s more, renovation work is progressing and we’re discovering excavations or a new construction. An association has been working on its restoration for 30 years.

Arrival at Village des Vignes in the heart of the Gorges du Tarn

What I love about visiting the castle:

  • – going over the drawbridge
    It’s impressive to be so high up and surrounded by emptiness. You can see the whole valley and all the castle’s bailey. Don’t be afraid, it’s safe!


  • – climb the keep
    This is an all-stone spiral staircase to the top, on the rock. Don’t miss the prison at the start of the staircase, visible through a grate. Prisoners were in no danger of escaping from this hole!


  • – being on the rock, at the summit
    The view is breathtaking. You can see the whole Tarn Valley and the opening onto the Gorges du Tarn. In spring, the valley is all white with cherry blossom. There are often griffon vultures flying around the castle. I just love it. You can even enter the wooden watchtower and imagine the archers who defended the castle. Not easy!

"Better than in a movie

You can tour the castle with Anne de Mésia.

It’s a free smartphone app. It’s fun because you go at your own speed, with explanations and lots of mini-games: challenge, augmented reality, virtual views, little secrets about the castle… It’s great fun and the whole family can enjoy it.

And the best part is the entertainment, all summer long.

With the knights’ show, we take a trip back in time!

It’s better than a movie; we see the different weapons, the fighting techniques, the feints of the knights. You can hear the clash of blades, the shouts of the knights. You can even wear chain mail… but you need help to remove it! It’s seriously heavy!

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