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Millau Street Art Experience

Introduction to Street Art in Millau, the art of Graffiti on a guided tour

At the heart of Millau Street Art, graffiti, stencils, stickers, murals…

A tour for the curious of all kinds…
and perfect for families!

What a discovery, you can’t help but love it.
Unique memories… Full immersion in an artistic environment, bomb in hand

How about the best Street Art spots in Millau?

See you at Place du Beffroi!

Today, I’ve got an appointment at the foot of Millau’s belfry, in front of the Tourist Office: I’ve signed up for the Millau Street Art guided tour offered by the Tourist Office.
And I have to say, I’m looking forward to discovering the origins of the artistic creations that decorate the town!


Urban art took root in Millau in the 90s, although it had already been developing illegally in the USA since the 60s.

Blazes, crews... a dedicated vocabulary

With our small group complete, we follow Katia to learn about the origins of this sometimes disparaged or rather misunderstood art…

And our Street Art experience begins just around the corner.
We come across the first artist “blazes” on signage or even fire hydrants.

Blaze, crew… over time, street artists have created a whole vocabulary specific to their activity!

The people of Montpellier, who initiated the movement in Millau...

PDG, SIZO, 27K,… numerous “crews” have put their names to Millau’s alleys, including crews from Montpellier, the initiators of the “Street Art” movement in Millau.
Another element much used by street artists, advertising hoardings…
“The whole city has become a playground, a domain dedicated to expression….”

The rue de la Capelle, too, is widely used as a means of artistic expression!

Then a gigantic mural unveils itself… somewhat faded, presumably worn by the sun’s rays, it takes us all the way to the city’s Halles couvertes.

"A stroll along the water's edge

Where are the city’s most important rooms located? And yes, on the waterfront, more precisely on the banks of the Tarn.
In barely 5 minutes, we leave the city center and reach the banks of the Tarn.
A tunnel opens the passage to an impressive length of originality.
This little tunnel was already announcing the color to tell the truth!!
Spectacular in its liveliness and imagination, the various graffiti arts are represented on these quays.

Let's get down to business

The highlight of our guided tour, we move on to actual practice.
Raphaël, graffiti artist in Millau and guide for the day.
Blaze : Raphat
Crew : StrangrS

Raphaël grew up with Graff’!!
20 years of practice behind him… and now, he wants to share his passion “for letters” as he so aptly puts it.
And what could be better than taking the bombs, a piece of wall and letting your own creativity express itself…

After a few explanations regarding the tools and putting on our masks, we’re off!”
Bomb in hand, we follow Raphaël’s recommendations to immortalize our “blaze” in the millavian city.
The whole group has a great time, children and parents alike get caught up in the game!”

This visit is a huge surprise! What a pleasure!
Thanks to Raphël for passing on a little of his passion.

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