La Pouncho d'Agast, a real symbol!


La Pouncho is our very own Mont-Blanc, our Bonne-Mère… When a Millavian opens his shutters, he sees the Pouncho. Anyone arriving in Millau sees the silhouette of the Pouncho. What does it mean? Pointe de l’Erable, Pointe du guêt, “summit from which you can see into the distance”… Which
is the most accurate? Good question, and who cares? La Pouncho d’Agast is THE natural and outdoor symbol of Millau.

What a view!

This “monument”, the work of Mother Nature, rises to 841m and offers a breathtaking view of Millau and the Grands Causses. You could spend hours here, contemplating the view… and Millau life! All this in the fresh, pure Aveyron air.

A panoramic view that extends over the Tarn Valley and its orchards, the Causse du Larzac and the Millau Viaduct.
The artificial wings of man (paragliding, hang-gliding) rub shoulders here with the natural wings of vultures and other birds of prey, offering a twirling spectacle on the summit of the Pouncho d’Agast.

Above all, La Pouncho d’Agast is a magnificent playground for everyone! An opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Millau terraces.

Paragliding, hang-gliding

The Pouncho d’Agast is one of Millau’s 3 hang-gliding spots to soar over the Town, facing the Millau Viaduct, alongside vultures sometimes curious to discover these bizarre colored birds. Discovery flights, school flights, solo flights… it’s all possible in Millau!


On certain days, depending on the Aeolus, it’s on the Gorges de la Dourbie and Causse Noir side that the wind carries you. Just take a look at the webcam overlooking the Pouncho.


La Pouncho has its own trail! A vertical kilometer as engaging as it is enchanting. 2.5km for 480m of D+.
You only have to look at the number of entrants to the annual Strava Challenge to realize the success of the Chrono Pouncho.
The climb can be made less “brutally” via the Millau / Le Cade trail course. 27km loop starting from Millau with a beautiful discovery of the Causse Noir as a bonus.

A pieds

Just a stone’s throw from La Pouncho (you can reach it via the forest track, by the way), Le Cade is one of the most popular outdoor spots for Millavians. An easy loop walk (2h / 7km), a siesta in the shade, a game of pétanque or “quilles de 8”, a gourmet picnic…the perfect place to indulge in some idleness, right in the heart of nature!

The ferme caussenarde du Cade, a former “mas de la charité”, is utterly charming with its lauze-roofed buildings, low stone walls and frames and verdant setting.

On 2 wheels

Following the example of France’s great cyclo-crossing passes, the 7.5km Pouncho climb is marked by special mile markers. They’re not the mythical 21 hairpins of Alpe d’Huez, but this dozen or so at 6% gives a little Tour de France or Paris-Nice air that all cycling enthusiasts will appreciate.

In gravel, the magic can continue on the Causse Noir and the Gorges du Tarn with a beautiful 78km stage starting from Millau and climbing the Pouncho d’Agast (cyclo version possible by following the D110).

At the summit, change to 2-wheels in the Cade forest with a 2h / 14.6km mountain bike course.


At the 5th hairpin of the Pouncho climb lies the Grotte du Hibou (approach: 150m). A natural curiosity typical of the Grands Causses. 2 “doors” open onto a mini labyrinth of narrow passages between light and shadow. There’s no owl, but plenty of fun hiding places for an original game
of hide-and-seek, to be shared with the whole family and your dog!

Imagine the Templiers runners racing down the slopes of the Pouncho, crossing this “strangeness”! For them, there’s no question of playing: the arch of happiness is just a few hundred metres away…


La Pouncho is an à la carte menu, and you’re free to mix and match your dishes: a trail climb + a paragliding return; a bike climb + a picnic at the summit… and why not roller-ski?!

And for the more sporty, cocorico! We’re celebrating July 14 with the Défi de la Pouncho, 4 disciplines to climb our mountain, in vertical kilometer or combo x3 or x4!