Aventure Explor'game Cité De Pierres 1laetitia Raisin RobertAventure Explor'game Cité De Pierres 1laetitia Raisin Robert
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Explor'game at La Cité de Pierres

The Ark of Mysteries...

Pauline, age 12, came as a family, with my parents and my dog!

A true adventure with a top-notch scenario and breathtaking natural scenery

From mini hikes to family outings… and don’t forget your dog!

Only 15km from Millau

The linear trail of the Gorges du Tarn

First of all, what is La Cité de Pierres? It’s a natural labyrinth of enigmatic, phantasmagorical rocks that you explore by wandering along marked paths, right in the middle of nature!

On the Causse Noir, 20 minutes from Millau, with magnificent views over the Dourbie Gorges.

The rocks have strange shapes and it’s great fun to imagine what they look like: a nose, eyes, a bear’s head, badger eyes… In the family, we didn’t always see the same thing! I used to do the same when I looked at clouds!

There are also caves, tunnels… to explore! With the dog, it’s really fun! All in all, lots of fun to be had!

"It's the first explor'game in Aveyron! "

Today, I tested the brand new Explor’Game “L’arche des Mystères”! It’s the first explor’game in Aveyron!
It’s like an escape game but outdoor; a treasure-hunt-style walk in the middle of nature… modern!

At the start, the Cité de Pierres gives us 1 tablet per team. Between the neck strap and the handle, it’s impossible to drop it! My mother is reassured!
The instructions for use are easy, and we’re immediately drawn into the adventure, into the history of the Amathis, a people close to nature who lived here. While exploring the caves and avens of the Causse Noir, they unfortunately unleashed dark forces from the depths that will petrify the city and destroy this civilization.

At the heart of the plot: a sparkling crystal, the cause of the Amathis’ misfortunes, to be found as quickly as possible!
The graphics are really top-notch. It looks like a video game. The Amathis must be cousins of the Na’Vi from Avatar!!!
And then we meet Edouard-Alfred Martel, the speleologist who discovered hundreds of caves on the Grands Causses. He’s quite a BG (handsome guy), by the way!
The voices are as great as the graphics. It really brings the characters to life.

Challenge, enigma, nature escape game!

You’re guided by a map on the tablet, treasure-hunt style. It’s great, as you learn to find your way around the City of Stones. A compass and clues help you along the way. For this family stroll, parents just have to follow us!

The aim is to find QR-codes and complete the associated challenge.

The QR-codes aren’t always easy to find, and adults are welcome to join in the search!

The challenges are very varied and fun to solve, especially with several people: mini video game, time trial, observation… There’s even augmented reality to discover the City of Amathis, before it became the City of Stones. Now that was really wild! The whole family participates, and the dog follows in some of the challenges!

Until now, when we crossed the Mycenae Gate, we remembered De Funès and Bourvil, in “La Grande Vadrouille” (well, that’s mostly for my parents). Now, we’ll remember Amathis and Martel.

Like Indiana Jones

It’s a real explorer’s adventure, in the middle of nature, like Indiana Jones (Martel’s reincarnation!)… but in the footsteps of the Amathis, you can still take your time, to make the most of the panoramas and rocks.

A little surprise in the end… but about that, I won’t talk…

A word of advice: take the picnic, it’s top. I recommend the Dominal for a bite to eat, for the enormous viewpoint, to see the vultures flying above you, to think you’re an Amathis!

What about the parents?

– we second that! including the picnic!

– a great idea to motivate children to walk and share an “unusual” moment as a family

– the Explor’Game leaves plenty of room for exploration, for discovery, without being omnibulated by the tablet; above all, we discover the natural site, teleporting from time to time into a magical universe

– we get caught up in the game ; it’s captivating to bridge the gap between the digital imagination and Mother Nature’s imagination

– the Explor’Game keeps the spirit of the Cité de Pierres alive with its phantasmagorical rocks

Tips : Bring walking shoes or closed sports shoes and plenty of water.
Dogs are welcome on this adventure.

Free the Amathi civilization!

With the Explor’Game® at La Cité de Pierres, become the hero of an extraordinary adventure and embark on a fantastic journey through a scenic outdoor trail. Your mission: liberate the Amathi civilization, petrified for millennia.

L'Arche des Mystères
L'Arche des Mystères
L'Arche des Mystères