Brunch Aveyronnais A Cap Luc Aventure 16 Le Rozier Laetitia Raisin RobertBrunch Aveyronnais A Cap Luc Aventure 16 Le Rozier Laetitia Raisin Robert
©Brunch Aveyronnais A Cap Luc Aventure 16 Le Rozier Laetitia Raisin Robert|Laetitia Raisin Robert

Brunch in Aveyron, perched on Capluc rock

Is it Sunday? How about a stylish brunch with a change of scenery?

A simple adventure, a convivial moment around an exceptional brunch to share with family or friends, in a unique location. A gourmet or gourmand brunch on the most beautiful 100% natural roof-top, perched on the Gorges du Tarn.

Stylish brunch, 100% local producers

First step in this Sunday brunch: concocting our buffet, with local flavors, according to our desires. We’re in “drive” mode, so it has to be easy to transport. The “panier garni” is in fact a stuffed backpack!

Circuits-courts and quality are the order of the day. Spit-roasted cake, ewe’s milk fouace, Tarn Valley cherry nectar, a nice ewe’s milk tomme, a few seasonal fruits (apricots and cherries for us)… a range of Aveyron delicacies and without the guilt! since we’re going to be making some physical efforts.

Eating well in Aveyron and Lozère! You’re on the border of Aveyron and Lozère, but there are no borders, because you’re on the Grands Causses, a land of agropastoralism. Here, the ewe is king, and like the pig: “All’s good in the ewe”! Gastronomy is an art of living, of living well, of eating well. A warm welcome!

Would you like to see it all?

Here we go! From the center of Peyreleau – Le Rozier, the Rocher de Capluc already stands out. From below, it looks like an inaccessible dungeon… but yes, it is, it’s marked on the signposts! Indeed, it’s uphill, but the elevation is steady and Capluc is always in your sights.

As the climb progresses, the view opens out onto an incredible triptych: Gorges de la Jonte, Gorges du Tarn, Vallée du Tarn. After just ½ hour, we’re delighted to see the first houses in Capluc!

Capluc, a small village with character

The hamlet no longer has any inhabitants, but the houses are still there, for weekends and vacations. We meet a local gentleman who tells us that at the end of the 20th century, there were still around twenty residents here! All the buildings are made of limestone, from the walls to the floors and roof.
Incredible architecture!

At the bend in the path, a small cottage undergoing renovation offers a terrace with an unobstructed, panoramic view of the Jonte Gorges. The black marks on the bread oven suggest it’s still in use.

Capluc: The name Capluc is said to derive from the Latin “Caput Lucis”, “Head of Light”. Indeed, it is the first rock illuminated by the sun’s rays, at sunrise. The hamlet is sometimes called Luc.

The rock towers 250m above the two rivers, at an altitude of 625m.

Climbing and ladders

Last stage: the ascent of Rocher de Capluc.
We start quietly with steps carved directly into the rock. Judging by the smooth surface, we’re not the first to go this way! The 1st floor is reached without difficulty.
The rock is there in front of us, as if in a saucer, and we turn around. We can see Peyreleau and Le Rozier, very small compared to where we started!

The gentle breeze and the presence of quite a few birds give a very pleasant aerial dimension.

To reach the top, a series of iron ladders, hooked directly into the rock. The climb is easy but dizzying. Between the rungs, views of the Gorges emerge. Impressive beauty. You need to take your time to appreciate the scenery.

The few acrobatic passages are more fun than anything else.

A few safety instructions: Please note that this area is 100% private. Please exercise discretion and respect. Don’t venture off the path or beyond the railings. The step would be a bit too high… and that would be a shame for brunch! Take water and a hat – shade is scarce and the sun is strong! :-p

Panorama de Capluc entre Aveyron et Lozère
Panorama de Capluc entre Aveyron et Lozère
Panorama de Capluc entre Aveyron et Lozère

360° panorama

The summit is marked by a giant white cross that “protects” the Tarn Valley. It makes you feel small next to it. The summit is also protected by a small wooden barrier. At the terminus of the last of the ladders, it forms a guard of honor.

A unique 360° panorama over the Causses Méjean, Causse Noir and Sauveterre, and of course over the Gorges and Vallée du Tarn and Gorges de la Jonte.
Waouh! It’s a magical moment in nature, an invitation to contemplation.

Here? the little birds have given way to the majestic griffon vultures soaring around the Rocher. This morning, there are only 4 or 5 of them, but to observe them from so close and so high up is a privilege.
Almost 3m wingspan… beautiful beast, isn’t it?!

For sure, your eyes will be as satisfied as your stomach!!

Gourmet break

The rock platform will serve as chair and table for our brunch. We’re clearly in bucolic epicurean mode! Country atmosphere, authenticity of the place… and of the products we’re tasting! A welcome treat for our taste buds after this aerial adventure.

2 visitors join us at the summit, an opportunity to give them an impromptu wave with the scent of orange blossom (yes, there’s some in fouace and spit cake).

Gradually, silence settles in and everyone savors the calm, the extraordinary views over the enfilade of the Gorges, the flight of a vulture… and the brunch! Serenity.

A little swim or a little hike

Well, that’s not all, but we should think about going back down, shouldn’t we? It’s hard to leave the grandiose! Our group splits into 2 for the rest of the trip. Farniente option: return to Peyreleau – Le Rozier for a swim in the Tarn. We’ve spotted a little pebble beach at the foot of the Pont Cassé du Rozier!

Sporty option: take the Sentier des Corniches du Méjean for a hike that takes in panoramic views of the Gorges and ruiniform rocks. As it happens, they’re the ones who get to take the brunch leftovers…

Practical info: signposted path from Le Rozier. Follow the signs for Rocher de Capluc, Sentier des Corniches du Méjean. In season, don’t hesitate to drop in at La Caselle, the mobile home of the Millau Grands Causses Tourist Office, to stock up on tips, information and suggestions…