Grands Causses Espaces Trail

Terre de run

Grands Causses Espace Trail, it’s 37 marked courses for nature running, from 9 to 120 km! This represents over 750 km of marked Trail trails, roads and paths.
Located throughout theSouth Aveyron, it’s between Gorges and Valleys, Causses and Rougiers, that you’ll test and learn to tame the gradients.

All levels are on offer: from short fitness workouts to longer, more technical courses, you’ll find the track to suit your training!


Mythical trail land


Crossing the Grands Causses is an experience in itself! But doing it running gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of these sumptuous landscapes. This diversity of landscapes is as spectacular as it is astonishing.

Crossing the Grands Causses

A wealth of memories

and legs!
The "imaginary" treasure hunt

Mushroom, arch, keel, hammer, totem, lion’s head, anvil, dromedary, tabular, the Grands Causses offer us natural sculptures of surprising beauty and originality.
Incredible work of erosion to arrive at such forms for which the imagination can indulge in all the ramblings, all the interpretations. Total admiration!

An ambassador's word

Right in the heart of the Grands Causses Espace Trail, Virginie Govignon shares with Sophie Jovillard, of the Echappées belles program, her love for this diversity of landscapes, these marked seasons and her experience of trail running in the area.

Grands Causses Espace Trail

A charter of good conduct

A charter of good conduct to better respect each other on the territory!
Need fordialogue and listening, need for concertation and understanding, ultimately need formeetings and cohesion around a great project, that of sharing the great outdoors…the Grands Causses are in this process so that practitioners, hunters, owners – farmers and foresters and communities commit themselves in good intelligence on the same path, that of respect and sharing of the territory .

For several years now, round tables have been organized, bringing together the local outdoor players, the local authorities, the ONF, the farming community….
These constructive meetings led to the creation of a charte de bonne conduite inviting each and every individual and community to commit to:

  • respect for private property
  • respect for environmental issues
  • sharing natural space in a spirit of good understanding and courtesy


  • When was the charter of good conduct launched?

    Launched at the start of summer 2021, this charte des activités de pleine nature will be the subject of local communication across the region at events such as the Forum des Associations in September in Millau, and the Salon des Templiers in October to raise awareness of these codes of good conduct.

  • What are the main themes?

    For trail runners but, of course, not only… the axes are broken down around respect…

    • respect for private property
    • respect for fences
    • respect for pastoral areas
    • respect for crops
    • respect for areas temporarily off-limits during nesting periods
    • respect for markings proposed as part of Grands Causses Espace Trail

    This respect enables each, everyone to flourish in nature, while living in harmony with all leisure, farming, forestry and hunting activities.

  • And contact, perhaps?

    A one-stop shop has been set up within the Communauté des Communes de Millau Grands Causses to receive grievances, opinions from all and sundry, field reports, proposals for improved waymarking… Geoffroy Barrabé, project manager for the community will be your privileged contact.