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History: the Tarn gorges

The classic motorcycle ride never goes out of fashion

The great classic of motorcycle rides in the Tarn gorges between Aveyron and Lozere never goes out of fashion.

Welcome to the world of minerals!

Leaving Millau, we head for the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte, via the less-frequented left bank of the Tarn.
At Peyreleau, classified as a Petite Cité de Caractère, the confluence of the Jonte and Tarn rivers already offers a breathtaking panorama of the high cliffs of the Gorges. With the morning light, it’s a real highlight.
Let’s set off for the Gorges de la Jonte, a route for the pleasure of the eyes and the pleasure of driving, with its waltzing curves. On one side, straight cliffs pierced by the nests of griffon vultures. Keep an eye out for them, they’re sure to accompany you on your ride. On the other side, the Jonte river, its losses and resurgences.
A short break in Meyrueis, at the terminus of the Gorges de la Jonte, before attacking the ascent of the Causse Méjean.

You’ll be able to appreciate the narrowness of the Jonte “canyon” with breathtaking views.
At the top, the motorcycle ride teleports into a world of endless steppe and surprising straight lines, ideal for enjoying that feeling of freedom we appreciate so much on 2 wheels!
It’s in these landscapes that Przewalsky’s Horses have been reintroduced .
This is also where you can visit the Aven Armand.

The winding descent then winds gently down to Sainte-Enimie, listed as one of France’s Most Beautiful Villages. The Gorges du Tarn are home to picturesque, semi-troglodytic villages such as Les Pougnadoires and La Malène.

Some, on the opposite bank, are only accessible by river (and cable for goods): La Croze, Hauterives, La Sablière.

Bruno’s tip: The tour can be done in 2 directions. Gorges du Tarn – Causse Méjean – Gorges de la Jonte or vice versa. I prefer to go up the Gorges de la Jonte first, to make the most of the views of the cliffs and the deep river, and then go down the Gorges du Tarn.


The Cirque des Baumes passage offers a nice surprise with a 2-level, one-way road. At the top (downhill direction), a rocky passage that’s great fun and aesthetically pleasing on a bike.

At the bottom (uphill direction), a view of the famous “Face of Christ”, not to be missed.
I recommend you do the crossing in both directions (the road allows you to turn around).

The cliffs, every bit as beautiful as the Jonte, are here more nibbled by erosion and you can see giant mushrooms, bear heads, skittles… and without any hallucination!

The crystal-clear waters are inviting for a swim, or simply a footbath to refresh from the engine!

The return to Millau this time takes in the right bank of the Tarn, at the foot of charming perched villages like Liaucous, Mostuéjouls, Compeyre


V à tous !