Rougier Cailloux M RoquesRougier Cailloux M Roques
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From the Sorgues valley to the rougiers

The cool motorcycle ride par excellence!

Lots of undergrowth, only small roads, no main roads, very little traffic and lots of surprises.

Le Rougier

Welcome to the Moon! A desert landscape of red dunes due to the sandstone soil; a little Colorado made in Aveyron.

A tradition here: when you see small white stones by the side of the road, stop and you too, write your first name 😉


Abbaye de Sylvanès

This Cistercian masterpiece is now home to an International Sacred Music Festival and a prestigious Centre Culturel de Rencontre. It’s quite astonishing to find this edifice emerging from an undergrowth.


Bruno’s tip – An unusual detour to the Russian Orthodox Church of Sylvanès. A small road climbs up through the woods, and at the top, in a clearing, there’s an Orthodox church, all made of wood! Curious, surprising and beautiful.


2 variants

for the return journey:

A pleasant ride through the southern Aveyron countryside. A wild and inviting forest, beautiful little roads with playful and rocking curves, beautiful little villages all dressed in stone…


and its cellars housing the king of cheeses, then a passage under the Millau Viaduct

Le Larzac Templier et Hospitalier with, in particular, La Tour du Viala-de-Pas-de-Jaux