Bateliers Du Viaduc 7 ©ot Millau Grands Causses Eric TeissedreBateliers Du Viaduc 7 ©ot Millau Grands Causses Eric Teissedre
©Bateliers Du Viaduc 7 ©ot Millau Grands Causses Eric Teissedre|Eric Teissedre

Les Bateliers du Viaduc

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La Rivière Tarn, a boat and a boatman to tell you about the viaduct, its records but also the fauna and flora along the water. 9 km of pleasure to share with friends or family.

par groupe privé
A réaliser en
3 hours
Toute l'année
min 20 pers.

A privileged discovery

on the water!

Your boatman takes you on a 9 km adventure full of surprises!

A beaver lodge, a flight of grey heron, shivering rapids, and you’re under the two highest piers in the world for a breathtaking and exclusive view beneath the Millau Viaduct.

Peyre, perched village Plus Beaux Villages de France greets you at the end.

1 boat for 6 pax with 1 boatman-guide just for you! + taste along the water

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