Belfry Vip002©alexhumbertBelfry Vip002©alexhumbert
©Belfry Vip002©alexhumbert|Alexandre Humbert

An aperitif on Millau's rooftop!

apéro insolite et vip
A unique experience at the Millau belfry

Discover the town of Millau from the terrace of the Belfry and enjoy a 100% local aperitif overlooking the town.
A mini adventure 100% Millau!

par groupe privé
A réaliser en
3 hours
Toute l'année
min 20 pers. max 40 pers.

Take the aperitif

overlooking the town of Millau

Selfie addicts? While in Millau, this is THE photo you’ll send to all your contacts and keep as a souvenir of your visit: the one you take from the top of the Belfry! Enjoy an inimitable view of the rooftops of the old town, the sun disappearing behind the Viaduct.
It’s late afternoon, you’ve already had a great day walking, running, sightseeing…
And you’d love to end on a high note with a very originalearly evening aperitif… As daylight falls, the astonishing labyrinth of the Tower of the Kings of Aragon and the Belfry give way to dreams and mysteries…

The 210-step ascent to the summit is a real little epic. More than a guided tour, it is indeed this spirit of mini adventure that drives this climb. In the dedal of staircases, rooms and secret balconies, helmet and headlamp on your head, you’ll discover the most emblematic monument of the city in a rare and privileged way.
History, anecdotes and emotions intertwine in the tower’s light and dark interiors, until you finally discover the 360-degree panorama over the city, the Viaduct and the Gorges.
The best place of the moment for a little tasting all in fromages, a glass of 100% terroir wine in hand.

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