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Special meetingsin Roquefort Country

Privileged encounters in the Roquefort region

Originality, wonder and fascinating anecdotes!

Let us surprise you with special, tailor-made encounters with our producers…

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1 day
Pâques à Toussaint
min 6 pers. max 12 pers.

Authentic encounters

Amazing production methods

An insight into the lives of our producers

You will like :
  • discovering a honey house and awakening the senses
  • retracing the doings of Roquefort’s cabanières


Your detailed program


In the skin of a beekeeper

In the Roquefort region, we have sheep, but we also have bees! They forage in a mosaic of landscapes, between Rougier, Causses, garrigues and valleys, on a dozen sites rich in biodiversity, preserved by passionate farmers. Follow Nadia and Bruno for a true immersion into the heart of the bee world. Share a moment of wonder at the world of bees, cultivate your connection to nature!

Glazed hives, open hives in complete safety and mini-films on the apiaries: everything is there to draw you into the discovery, the 5 senses awake, of the world of bees in real time of the contemporary profession of‘apiculteur bio!

Watch a hive being opened live, risk-free, and enjoy macro details thanks to a live camera. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to witness a birth!

Discover the inside of a hive, the wax and inhale its fragrance live, assemble and disassemble a hive to understand how it works, take in hand a frame of honey,

Learn to recognize the types of bees, their day’s harvest, their exchanges, participate in honey extraction (during harvest time) in the workshop…

After this intimate encounter with the bees, what could be better than a tasting? During an introduction to organoleptic flavor analysis, you’ll have no fewer than 10 honeys to taste. Will you be able to identify the woody, floral and animal notes of our honeys?

A memorable experience, awakening the senses guaranteed in a universe as exciting as it is gourmet!

Gourmet break

Lunch at the Pont Neuf restaurant, where Jérôme’s cuisine puts the spotlight on homemade dishes highlighting quality products from our Aveyronnais terroir. Enjoy his dishes featuring Roquefort, veau aveyronnais, bœuf d’Aubrac, ris d’agneau or even aligot.

An unmissable moment, finish the meal with a trilogy of Roquefort!

In the skin of a shepherdess

Let the taste and smell of the King of Cheeses carry you to the village of Roquefort and its cellars. Discover the legend and ancestral cheese-making know-how of manufacturer Gabriel Coulet, a family-run business, founded in 1872, which collects medals at agricultural competitions.

You’ll start the tour with a 20-minute film tracing the history of the family, which has been proudly perpetuating the heritage of ancestral cheese-making know-how for 5 generations.

Take the stairs down to the reconstructed salting room and learn the precious gestures of the cabanières who carefully package this white and blue gold that is Roquefort. You’ll see, it’s not that easy!

All this will make your mouth water. The final tasting of Roquefort and Tommes de Brebis accompanied by a glass of wine is sure to satisfy any gourmet’s taste buds!

Duration 01h30
End of our services.

Discovery day

Special meetings

in Roquefort Country

You’ll love meeting their craft, their passion and tasting their delicious products.


Discovery day
From Easter to All Saints
Base 6 people min – 12 max


This price includes:

  • V.I.P. visits mentioned in the program
  • Lunch (starter + main course + dessert, drinks not included)

This price does not include:

  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation

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