Excursion Around The Sheep 20exodamsExcursion Around The Sheep 20exodams
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Unravel the mystery of the Caves

An intense, authentic experience

par groupe privé
A réaliser en
1 hour
Période d'affinage : de janvier à juin
min 20 pers. max 50 pers.

Practicing precious gestures

of these little hands

Capture the secrets of Roquefort production at Société des Caves.
From raw milk to Roquefort loaves, discover every stage in the making and maturing of this historic cheese in the company of passionate professionals.

Sharing traditional know-how being at the heart of our values, you’ll carry out the meticulous gestures of the Canabières who hand-wrapped Roquefort loaves, and taste the cheeses with a glass of wine or local fruit juice.
The wide range of local products in the store will allow you to take home the best of our local flavors.

A service that listens

A single point of contact at your side to provide you with a hand-sewn proposal like our famous gloves , unlike any other, as close as possible to your needs from making contact to’invoicing .

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